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US: In Rush For Voters, New Demographic Emerges, Black women rally against voter ID laws

Why American women’s votes matter more than ever in this election The Guardian When Belle Littenberg was born, American women did not have the right to vote. It was 1914, and women wouldn’t be granted suffrage for another six years. Seventy-three years later, when her granddaughter Chloe was born, it was into a completely different world. The right to vote had been a given for two generations of women now, as had been a list of rights that were lofty dreams when Belle was born.

Romney Lags With Women, Especially Sherri Shepherd New York Magazine President Obama has a staggering nineteen-point lead over Mitt Romney among registered female voters, according to the latest report from the Pew Research Center. Although Republicans like to remind the public that the gender gap predates Sandra Fluke and has been around since the days of Reagan, it’s only getting bigger. In 2008 exit polls, Obama only had a thirteen-point lead over McCain among women, according to the Pew report. A Michigan poll found that Obama has widened the gap by nine points since August, from an eleven-point lead to a twenty-point lead, according to the Detroit News.

2012 Election: In Rush For Voters, New Demographic Emerges As both campaigns scour for new voters — especially in increasingly crucial Florida — a growing group of experts and a recent Gallup survey suggest that the obsession over single-female voters should shift to the widows and divorcees of the over-65 bracket. President Obama has been, in political terms, a single-lady killer: the latest Fox News poll of likely voters has Obama leading Romney by 38 points. According to exit polls, he won the group by 44 points in 2008.

Section 1: The Obama-Romney Matchup Pew Research Center for the People and the Press (blog) …Obama has a nearly 20-point advantage among women (56%-37%), while running even among men (46% Obama, 47% Romney).

Obama Opens 8-Point Lead In Pew Poll; Big Advantage With Women, Blacks … NPR (blog) President Obama leads Republican Mitt Romney by 8 points nationally, 51-43 percent among likely voters, as the race heads into the final stretch, according to a new Pew Research Center poll released Wednesday.

Fla poll: Obama 49%, Romney 44%; Bill Nelson 49, Connie Mack 35 (blog) The poll showed Romney leading among white voters 52 percent to 42 percent, and Obama leading among women by a whopping 57 percent to 38 percent.

Poll: Fueled by women voters, Obama widens lead in Michigan The Detroit News President Barack Obama has opened up a double-digit lead over GOP challenger Mitt Romney in Michigan fueled by a wave of women moving toward the Democratic president following the national party conventions. Obama leads Romney by 14.2 points, 52 percent to 37.8 percent, in the Detroit News/WDIV Local 4 poll, a solid improvement from August pre-convention polls in which the president held a six-point advantage, 48 percent to 42 percent. In this month’s poll, 8.7 percent of voters were undecided.

To claim Virginia, Obama’s hopes rest on women Washington Post A new Washington Post survey indicates that President Obama holds a 19 percentage-point lead (58 to 39) among likely women voters in the commonwealth, yet is running six points behind Republican nominee Mitt Romney among men who are likely to vote …

Presidential campaigns try to woo Wisconsin women WAOW The presidential campaign arrived in Wisconsin once again Thursday, and the big focus was on women. Women make up a valuable voting bloc, and each side says it will be the best defender of women’s values for the next four years. Wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney underscored this point while speaking to a crowd of supporters in Milwaukee.

Romney kind to women, ex-aides say Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney faces a gender gap. And Cindy Gillespie would like to help him close that gap in the race to unseat President Barack Obama. So she and other women who have worked for Romney have hit the campaign trail, to talk about a boss and a leader they describe as kind, caring and committed to equality in the workplace.

Romney Ads Target Seniors, Women Wall Street Journal (blog) The Romney campaign, aiming to regain its footing after a tough start to the week, is rolling out a pair of television ads that appear designed to build support from two key voting groups: seniors and women

Black women rally against voter ID laws WASHINGTON (AP) — Deidra Reese isn’t waiting for people to come to her to find out whether they are registered to vote.With iPad in hand, Reese is going to community centers, homes and churches in nine Ohio cities, looking up registrations to make sure voters have proper ID and everything else they need to cast ballots on Election Day.‘‘We are not going to give back one single inch. We have fought too long and too hard,’’ said Reese, 45, coordinator of the Columbus-based Ohio Unity Coalition, an affiliate of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation. See also: Kansas City Star, Huffington Post, San Jose Mercury News, The Seattle Times

Akin and Romney Release New Ads Aimed at Women Slate Magazine (blog) This Thursday brings us two new Republican videos pitched at ladies—one from the Akin camp, and another from the anti-Akiners over at Romney HQ. Imagine, for a moment, what it is like to be the campaign staffer responsible for resurrecting Mr. Akin’s reputation among members of the gender he so ably alienated.

Todd Akin Appeals To Women In New Video Huffington Post After posting and then removing a web video on Tuesday that featured a woman whose face was obscured, the campaign of embattled Senate candidate Todd Akin (R-Mo.) released a new video on Thursday, as part of its push for female voters.

‘The View’: Will Mitt Romney visit four ‘sharp-tongued’ women? Orlando Sentinel (blog) “The View” didn’t have its Whoopi on Wednesday, but that didn’t stop the women from exploring Mitt Romney’s views about  “The View.” In that secretly taped talk to Florida donors, Romney sounded off about the ABC chatfest. Romney said “The View” is “high risk because of the five women on it, only one is conservative and four are sharp-tongued and not conservative.” Sherri Shepherd turned surprisingly sharp and used a football analogy: “This is the preseason. … If you can’t handle four sharp-tongued women, how are you going to handle the country?”

Obamas to appear on ‘The View’ WCVB Boston President Barack Obama appears more comfortable sharing “The View’s” famed couch with the show’s five female hosts than Republican nominee Mitt Romney. The show announced Thursday both the president and first lady Michelle Obama will appear on the couch next Tuesday in an interview to be taped Monday. The president and the first lady have appeared a number of times on the couch individually but next week’s interview marks the couple’s first joint interview on the show.

Note to Romney: Middle-aged white males won’t win election The Tennessean As if all this weren’t enough, the GOP has been pushing voter ID laws all over America, whose obvious aim is to intimidate Hispanic voters so they won’t come to the polls. But they may be having the opposite effect — emboldening the vast majority of …

Female vote crucial in 2012 presidental election WKBT La Crosse With less than 50 days till voters head to the polls, both parties say women voters may be the deciding factor on who wins. The female vote has always been important, mainly because women are generally more likely to vote than men, and with this such a…

Female vote crucial in 2012 presidental election … 2 min With less than 50 days until voters head to the polls, both parties say women voters may be the

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