Gender and Politics in the media

SlutWalk campaigners protest urging Cameron to take action, Lib Dems caught out by Equality Act they supported

Yes, We Still Need a Women’s Movement — for the Sake of Everybody Huffington Post (blog) Carla Goldstein, chief external affairs officer at Omega and cofounder of the Omega Women’s Leadership Center, discusses why the need for a women’s movement is just as timely as ever. In any discussion about the relevance of the women’s movement, outrage has its place; like when an elected official talks about “legitimate rape,” or a young pregnant woman dies of aggressive cancer because the state protects her fetus instead of her; or a woman is stoned to death for adultery; or a public official is censored for saying the word vagina in a policy debate.

‘Slutwalk’ anti-rape campaigners demand David Cameron does more to win … Daily Mail Semi-naked women yesterday protested outside Downing Street to demand justice for rape victims ahead of a ‘SlutWalk’ march on Saturday. The group called on the Prime Minister to ensure the criminal justice system takes rape and sexual assault cases more seriously. The controversial ‘SlutWalk’ movement began in 2011 after a Canadian policeman caused an outcry by telling a group of students that women should ‘avoid dressing like sluts’ in order to avoid being sexually assaulted. It prompted protest marches by women wearing very little.

Lib Dems caught out by the Equality Act they supported (blog) Be careful what you wish for. The Liberal Democrats have been some of the strongest supporters of Harriet Harman’s Equality Act 2010, voting for it in the last Parliament. Now they are breaking that very law. That, in essence, is what the party’s lawyers have concluded. The problem is the Lib Dem constitution, which dictates that a third of all seats on various party committees must be reserved for women, and a third for men. That’s not allowed under the Act, the lawyers say. So the Lib Dem conference in Brighton next week will vote on changes to the party constitution.

The case for a truly liberal party New Statesman If they are to be a modern party, the Liberal Democrats have to look and sound like modern Britain, rather than the very establishment they seek to challenge. So where are the female cabinet ministers? Where are the black MPs?

Limerick councillor Orla McLoughlin makes call for more women in politics Limerick Leader LIMERICK City South councillor Orla McLoughlin has urged women to get involved in politics. Cllr McLoughlin, one of only three female members of City Council, says she meets women on a daily basis who she feels can make a change to public life. She was speaking at the Regional Meeting of the Labour Party Women’s council which took place at the Glentworth Hotel.

When Women Don’t Speak Up Yahoo! News Blogs (blog) When voting by majority decision, women deferred speaking if outnumbered by men in a group. However, when voting unanimously, the researchers found that women were much more vocal , suggesting that consensus building was empowering for …

Role of women and the staus quo Jewish Chronicle To concentrate on the woman issue — women constitute well over half the Jewish … They are prominent in British journalism, academia, law, medicine and …

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