Gender and Politics in the media

Iraq Assembly Boycott Set Over Exclusion of Women, Tunisia: Women’s rights and the new constitution

Women leaders meet to tackle gender inequality The Daily Star BEIRUT: A workshop thursday brought together young women leaders from Lebanon and the region to discuss the importance of gender equality in the Arab world. Arab International Women’s Forum held the conference in partnership with PwC and the Institute of Women’s Studies in the Arab World at the Lebanese American University. Entitled “Young Arab Women Leaders: The Voice of the Future,” the conference aimed at teaching participants how to transform obstacles due to gender into success stories.

Iraq Assembly Boycott Set Over Exclusion of Women Al-Monitor Iraqi political blocs and parliamentary committees announced that they will boycott parliament sessions in protest of “the marginalization of the role of women in political life, since no seats were allocated to women in the Independent High Electoral Commission(IHEC).” [The nine-member commission, Iraq’s sole electoral authority, has the power to ban candidates from participating in elections.] The parliament has already nominated IHEC commissioners, without involving any female members. This drawn ire from female MPs and objections from Christians and Turkmen.

Tunisia: Women’s rights and the new constitution There are concerns amongst vociferous civil society activists about the status of women in the country’s new constitution, the drafting of which may require longer time than initially anticipated. Whereas these voices are legitimate and should provide the questioning and citizenry input demanded by genuine democratic transition, there is a degree of misrepresentation, by some forces and discourses of the issues involved. This question is one of many that have over the last a few months added to political dynamism by a polity and society learning to find voice and found presence, but inevitably also produced polarisation, which excludes no single political party or group of actors.

First All-Women’s List Seeks to Break Into Palestinian Politics PRI’s The World She leads the first list of all women candidates for city council elections. Palestinians in the West Bank city of Hebron are gearing up for a municipal election in October.

Women Demand Gov’t Support Daily Guide This was contained in a communiqué issued at the end of a four-day workshop at Aksombo from September 11-14 on the theme “Strengthening the Capacity of Female Candidates for Election 2012.” It was organized by the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) …

Women power in Gujarat India Today The social worker-turned-politician is working towards getting Muslim women involved in the polity, a realm that is almost entirely left to the men in the community. “Muslim women have traditionally been Congress’s votebank, but a mute one.

Too few women in Pacific politics: UN Radio Australia The UN Development Program (UNDP) says women’s presence in parliaments in Pacific Island states is the lowest in the world, lagging even behind Arab countries. A UNDP study just released says economic progress will be limited in the Asia and the Pacific without equal opportunity for men and women to influence political and economic decision-making. Speaking from the launch of the report in Bangkok, Kim Henderson, the gender team leader for Asia and the Pacific told Pacific Beat that while it will take parliaments in Asia 50 years to achieve gender balance it may take much longer in the Pacific.

Hand that rocks cradle, can rule Malay Mail Women politicians are also more likely to be benchmarked against their role as wives and mothers, while men do not face the same level of scrutiny in their roles as husbands or fathers. In Asia, women in politics have been borne out of family tradition ..

Slurs againt PM discourage women from entering politics, says former Victorian … Herald Sun Appointed a Companion of the Order of Australia for her service to the Parliament and contributions to gender equality, education and the pursuit of civil rights and social inclusion, Ms Kirner said she has been appalled at the public vitriol directed at her long-time friend. Public criticism of the country’s first female PM has ranged from the size of her earlobes and backside to name calling, including “witch”, “Bob Brown’s bitch” and “deliberately barren”.

UNDP offers six-point plan to fast-track women in politics in Asia-Pacific The Jet Newspaper Economic progress will be limited without equal opportunity for men and women to influence political and economic decision-making, according to the report, which offers a six-step action plan to fast-track women into politics.

South Africa: Women Told Their Comments On Traditional Courts Bill Are Not Welcome Activists attending the public hearings on the controversial Traditional Courts Bill in Parliament were shocked yesterday when women were told debate and comment on the Bill were not welcome. A number of civil society organisations and rural women have travelled to participate in the public hearings on the Bill which has been widely criticised for entrenching gender inequality and possibly subjecting millions of rural South Africans to a ‘second class’ justice system.

19-Year-Old Woman Is Africa’s Youngest Legislator Jezebel Oromait beat out eight other candidates, having garnered 11,059 votes (her closest rival got 5,329 votes). Some critics remain dubious of Oromait’s capabilities and chalk her win up to sympathy votes and the voters attachment to her father…

‘Another Female President in 2017,’ Mother Mary Brownell Suggests Liberian Daily Observer As Liberian women continue to enjoy the country’s political honeycomb (sweetness), with a substantial representation in the three branches of the government, their quest for high posts in future regimes stimulates ceaselessly. What appears to be a careful search for a female personality, who may be groom to ‘take over’ from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is underway amongst Liberian women.

Girls, not guns: The promise of progress for South Sudan WNN – Women News Network South Sudanese women have successfully advocated for an affirmative action quota to be included in the transitional constitution that would guarantee 25 percent female representation at all levels of government.

Quebec’s first female premier to be sworn in today The federal government has repeatedly pointed to the narrow vote result as evidence that Quebecers don’t want to squabble about constitutional issues and would rather focus on the economy.

Chavez, challenger aim for youth, women voters Santa Cruz Sentinel Capriles and Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez are waging intense, contrasting campaigns ahead of Venezuela’s Oct. 7 election while aiming for swing voters among young Venezuelans under 30, middle-class households and women of all social classes.

Hugo Chavez, challenger target youth, women voters with contrasting campaigns Washington Post The two are taking at times contrasting approaches ahead of Venezuela’s Oct. 7 election but they’re aiming for the same pool of swing voters made up of Venezuelans under 30 and women of all social classes.

Labour going into government conscious of big problems – Muscat MaltaToday Pace called on Labour government to carry out a campaign in local schools to empower the ambition of women and improve their perception at the work place, as well as shift the notion that women belong exclusively in the home.

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