Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Royal Mail chief backs staff quotas for women, BBC boss wants more women on air

Royal Mail chief backs staff quotas for women The Guardian Royal Mail chief executive Moya Greene has become one of the most senior figures in corporate Britain to publicly back recruitment quotas for women in the workplace – including the boardroom. Greene told an audience at the Communications Workers Union’s women’s section in Peterborough she was prepared to publicly champion quotas, despite many of her peers in business having lobbied furiously to block such a move from Brussels.

George Entwistle pledges more chances for female presenters at BBC The Guardian The new director general of the BBC has vowed to place more female presenters on the news following criticism by news presenter Fiona Bruce that going grey was off-limits for women on screen. George Entwistle said he was “sorry that she feels that she has to say that” and that he would make sure that women, including older women “get the right opportunities and are given the space they deserve”.

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