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Poll: Romney losing Latina women by 53 points, Voting in a Man’s Shoes

GOP’s Latina women problem: Obama leads by 53 points in new poll NBC Latino “Among Latinas, we find a 65-point advantage for the Democrats on women’s issues, perhaps the largest gap on any policy issue our polling data has ever revealed – this is very bad news for the Republican party,” said Latino Decisions political …

Why Latina Women Are Shunning Mitt Romney Business Insider Mitt Romney’s struggles in earning Latino support have been well-documented throughout the campaign. But what gets less attention is the drastic gap in support for Romney and President Barack Obamaamong Latina women. According to a tracking poll from the firm Latino Decisions, Latina women prefer Obama to Romney by an astounding 53-point gap.

The Latino Gender Gap: Latina Voters Prefer Obama by 53-Point Margin New America Media (blog) When it comes to handling issues of concern to women, Latino voters – both men and women say that the Democratic Party is more trusted to handle women’s issues. However, among Latinas, we find a 65 point advantage for the Democrats on women’s …

Poll: Romney losing Latina women by 53 points Politico (blog) According to the fourth week of the impreMedia/Latino Decisions tracking poll Latina voters plan to vote for President Obama by a margin of 74% to 21% for Romney – a 53 point gap. Among Latino men, 61% plan to vote for Obama and 32% for Romney.

Romney’s next ad aimed at women Politico (blog) Mitt Romney has tried on and off throughout the general election to argue that Barack Obama’s policies have been especially bad for women, specifically, as a way of trying to offset the president’s advantage with female voters.

Romney hopes to hit reset with new ads The Hill The most visible of the efforts, however, will likely be the release of a new economic ad tailored to female voters. In the commercial, a soft-focus shot is centered on a newborn baby girl. “Dear daughter, welcome to America,” the ad’s narrator says. “Your share of Obama’s debt is over 50 thousand dollars. And it grows every day.” … The ad is squarely targeted at female voters, a demographic with which Republicans have struggled this cycle. A poll released last week by CBS News and the New York Times showed President Obama with a 53-41 percent advantage among women.

Republican women tour South Florida to praise Mitt Romney Orlando Sentinel 2 official at the Republican National Committee, rejected the Democratic charge that Republicans are waging a war on women, largely over issues such as abortion and insurance coverage for contraception.

‘Women for Mitt’ bus makes a stop in Boca Raton Palm Beach Post A New York Times/CBS News poll released Friday, for example, shows Obama with a 49-to-46 percent overall national edge among likely voters. Romney held an 8-point advantage among men while Obama led by 12 points among women in the poll.

Video: Democratic Female Candidates Outnumber … With only seven weeks left before election day, the number of women running for Congress at 163 is at an all-time high. The Center for Women and Politics, which is part of the Eagleton Institute at Rutgers, has been campaigning to get more women to run … See also: NJ Today

Voting in a Man’s Shoes Huffington Post Just the other afternoon while I was sitting in the Los Angeles traffic I heard a very amusing news story about a woman who had thrown away her husband’s absentee ballot after promising to mail it. Completely unrepentant, she was very proud of herself …

Rachel Maddow – Virginia war on women could …12 min Do they really think a majority of Americans (especially women) would support & vote for a …

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