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Election 2012: Are You Female? The Battle for Single Moms

Election 2012: Are You Female? The Battle for Single Moms
Politic365 Ann Romney’s RNC address, not Mitt Romney’s nomination acceptance speech, is more widely credited with the Romney-Ryan ticket’s seven-point gain in favorability among women voters in the week following the GOP convention.

Video: Campaigns Vie for Virginia Voters … 11 min And the presidential campaigns are focusing their efforts on winning over the undecided voters …

Romney Makes Appeal To Women Voters In Virginia WBUR SHAPIRO: All four of the introductory speakers were women. And three were Asian-American. The Romney campaign has been fighting hard for Asian-American votes in Northern Virginia. Tech company founder Amy Liu told the story of coming to the U.S. …

The ‘values voters’ Ryan may be turning off … The year of the woman, but what about the men? … the annual gathering of social …

Looking back at the 2008 US Elections: Black women … 7 min Looking back at the 2008 US Elections: Black women talk race issues in the 2008 election In …

More women than ever are running for Congress San Antonio Express If the parties are indeed engaged in some sort of “war over women,” as some pundits have argued, record numbers of them are enlisting in the fight themselves. More women have been chosen in the major parties for House and Senate seats than ever, …

Women favor Elizabeth Warren over Scott Brown, according to new poll Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren continues to hold a strong lead among female voters, as women’s issues have taken on a large role in this election cycle, according to a new Republican poll.

President Obama with big lead in latest Marist poll in Ohio, Florida and Virgina The president’s advantage is within the poll’s margin of sampling error. The Fox poll showed Obama with an increase in support from women as well as independents, with a 5-point bounce with women and a 12-point bounce with the all-important …

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