Gender and Politics in the media

Gender Parity Crisis Looms in Kenyan Parliament, Why aren’t there more women in South Australian politics?


Women ‘More Vulnerable’ to Vote-Buying Jakarta Globe Women are a prime target of vote-buying efforts in the Jakarta gubernatorial election but stand to be swiftly disregarded once their votes are in, a women’s empowerment group warned on Thursday. Wahidah Rustam, chairwoman of the group Women’s Solidarity, said that women across the city, and particularly those from low-income families, were “soft targets” for campaigners handing out food parcels, cash and other gifts designed to secure their votes.

Women Still Under-Represented in Decision-Making It has been observed that the process towards the 2012 general elections is not offering Ghanaian women sufficient actions to implement fully the commitments made towards gender equality. This is so despite the existence of the “Women’s Manifesto for …

Why aren’t there more women in South Australian politics, asks Lauren Novak Herald Sun “I’m confident we’ll have a significant number of women pre-selected for the next election,” she told The Advertiser. “In some seats we’ve got several women putting their hands up.” Liberal womenhave told The Advertiser they believe female candidates …


A constitutional crisis looms should the National Assembly to be formed after the next General Election fail to meet the gender equity requirement. The constitution requires that not more than two-thirds of the Members of the National Assembly shall be from either gender, which means given the current status, the Assembly must have at least 117 members of either gender. To forestall the anticipated crisis, a section of MPs have backed a proposal by Yatta MP Charles Kilonzo to have each county elect two women representatives to the National Assembly, amid hopes that more women will be elected and nominated. Francis Gachuri reports.

Adamawa LG Polls – 57 Female Aspirants Vie for PDP Ticket Yola — The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Adamawa State, says the party has witnessed high level of interest by its members for the forthcoming local government elections in the state as over 600 persons out of which 57 are female have indicated …

Women to stand for elections Fiji Times While receiving training on the importance of democratic elections and women’s role in the electoral process, the 45 participants were eager to share their thoughts on the proposed 2014 elections.

Scalable progress for women now moving swiftly in Mongolia WNN – Women News Network Before recent 2012 elections, political representation for women in Mongolia was 3.9 percent, one of the lowest rates for women in politics charted globally, outlines the Mongolian Inter-Parliamentary Union. Owing to a newly-established quota system in …


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