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Grading Obama’s First Term for Women, How ‘The End of Men’ Should Get You Thinking About Your Vote In November

Record number of women nominated in US Senate, House races Chicago Tribune (Reuters) – Democrats and Republicans have nominated women as candidates in a record 181 U.S. Senate and House races that will be decided in November’s general election, the Center for American Women and Politics at Rutgers University said on …

How The End of Men Should Get You Thinking About Your Vote In November Glamour (blog) …When you step into the booth in November, is the presidential candidate for whom you’re pulling the lever going to put legislation in action to reflect this? If we can be “plastic women” and adapt to anything that society throws at us and succeed, we can make sure we’re voting for the candidate that represents what we actually stand for–not simply along party lines, or with family or friends, even if it’s different than whom we’ve supported in the past. Women have a lot to consider when stepping up in November, especially those of us in the middle class–whether the end of men is in sight or not.

Grading Obama’s First Term for Women Huffington Post Those of you who have followed my writings here and at the Daily Beast, know I was an early critic of Obama on women’s issues. To his credit, I have watched Obama evolve since then

Obama leads Romney by 5% in Fox poll According to the latest poll released just today, women are giving Obama a 5-point bounce and independents are giving him a 12-point bounce after the Democratic National Convention which ended a week ago.

Obama Stays Strong in Polls The Atlantic Wire … Obama leads 50 percent to 46 percent among likely voters and 52 percent to 41 percent among registered voters. He also leads registered men 51 percent to 41 percent — by just two points fewer than the amount he leads among registered women.

2012: Obama leads in new polls (blog) “A new Fox News poll finds President Obama got a five point bounce among women and a 12-point bounce among independents from the Democratic convention,” Political Wire writes. “Obama now leads Mitt Romney by five points among likely voters

New Yorkers Favor Obama and Gillibrand, Says Poll– President Barack Obama leads the poll with 62 percent of likely voters supporting him, while on 34 percent choosing Gov. Mitt Romney, his Republican challenger. Obama has a 20-point lead amongmen and a 35-point lead among women, says the poll.

New York voters (heart) President Obama: poll New York Daily News “Besides his usual close to unanimous vote in the Black community, Obama also carries the white vote in New York,” he added. “Men like him a lot; women like him even more.” The national gender gap between the two candidates is a gulf in New York.

Obama Builds Lead Over Romney In Colorado, Post-Conventions: OnSight … Huffington Post Meanwhile, Obama has made significant gains among unaffiliated voters and maintained a solid lead among women.”


ELECTION 2012: Women pivotal in determining … Women are pivotal in determining who wins the presidential election this year.

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