Gender and Politics in the media

Merkel accused of being ‘female Don Corleone’, Rise of women in Canadian politics is unmistakable and unstoppable

Activists to launch campaign to get women into Parliament The Daily Star BEIRUT: Local non-governmental organizations are set to launch a campaign to encourage women to take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections, activists said Tuesday.

Merkel accused of being ‘female Don Corleone’ The Independent Has Angela Merkel turned into a female equivalent of Don Corleone, the sinister Mafia boss portrayed in The Godfather? A prominent female member of the German Chancellor’s ruling conservative party, the Christian Democratic Union, is convinced she has …

UNDP keen to support getting more Pacific women in Parliament Radio New Zealand International The head of the United Nations Development Programme says her organisation will happily support MPs who want to re-introduce legislation to increase women’s political representation.

Rise of women in Canadian politics is unmistakable and unstoppable Globe and Mail At the federal level, the last election brought female representation in Parliament up to 25 per cent for the first time, thanks in part to the large number of NDP women candidates who won in Quebec, many to their own surprise…

QUICKTAKE: Most New Saudi Women’s Rights ‘Meaningless’ Middle East Voices Some see it as an attempt to empower women, while others say it is merely a move to further segregate women in Saudi Arabia’s male-dominated society.

Malta opposing EU law to put more women on top MaltaToday Malta will oppose plans by the European Commission to impose a 40% quota for female board representation on publicly-listed companies by 2020 and join a diplomatic push by the United Kingdom to stop the proposal.

Women’s council deplores government opposition to quotas MaltaToday The currently dismal representation of just 3% of women on company boards will mean a radical shake-up of Malta’s largest companies’ decision-making boards, affecting companies like Bank of Valletta, as well as other plcs like HSBC Malta, GO plc, …

Gender quotas ‘a necessary evil’ – Labour MaltaToday National Wednesday 12 September 2012 – 08:00. Gender quotas ‘a necessary evil’ – Labour. Labour MP Helena Dalli says ‘quotas are a necessary evil as they are a means to address the informal unequal opportunities and outcomes of women in society’.

It’s no box of chocolates for women MPPs London Free Press The painting, until then, had seemed to say something about how women were seen in the corridors of power. Too often, if they were thought of at all, it was an afterthought. That changed in 1992, a high-water mark for gender equality in politics in …

Why MPs want women to compete for elective positions Daily Nation Women hoping to join Parliament will have to face elections if proposals made by MPs and political party leaders are approved by the House.A two-day weekend meeting to discuss mechanisms to achieve gender parity in the General Election returned a unanimous decision that direct nomination of women to Parliament should be reduced as much as possible to encourage women to run for election and face competition.

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