UK PM suffers trust deficit with female voters

David Cameron in ageism row over sacking of Caroline Spelman, 54, in reshuffle David Cameron in ageism row over sacking of Caroline Spelman, 54, in reshuffle. David Cameron was last night embroiled in a row over claims that he sacked one of his Cabinet ministers because she was too old.

UK PM suffers trust deficit with female voters  Press TV According to a poll conducted by ComRes for The Independent on Sunday, Cameron has an approval rating of about minus 25 percent among women, compared to one of minus 18 percent among men, who have been asked about their trust in the UK premier on the country’s economy. After the publication of the damning report, in a late and desperate attempt to win back female voters, Cameron ordered new Culture Secretary and Equalities Minister, Maria Miller to draw up plans to regain trust of women.

Cameron’s pledge on women ministers unlikely to be met Channel 4 News (blog) David Cameron seems, in effect, to have ditched his long-held pledge that one third of the members of his government will be women by the end of this parliament.

David Cameron’s way with women? Show them the exit The Guardian Call it a woman’s intuition, but I got this amazingly strong feeling that, once he was reproached with humbling his women ministers, David Cameron would find a way of linking this unfortunate-looking turn of events to his overdeveloped feminine side …

What is Cameron’s problem with women? The Independent We already know David Cameron has a problem with women. But the stories from the sacking of Caroline Spelman suggests he has a particular problem with older women too. And it matters. Not because of one environment secretary or a few senior …

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