Gender and Politics in the media

Poverty, pregnancy and marriage: a conservative’s view, Why women avoid running for political office

Women take lead at Dem convention The Hill The 31-year-old Georgetown University law graduate set off charges of a GOP “war on women” earlier this year when she testified before Congress on the importance of health insurance coverage for contraceptives…

Dem women appear in force Washington Post (blog) One by one, nine female House Democrats and congressional candidates ticked off President Obama’s first-term accomplishments that benefited women and repeated the slogan that they stand at the ready to join the president to “move America forward.” …

8 WOMEN OUT FRONT Washington Post The women’s vote is crucial to Barack Obama’s hopes in 2012. So the party created an image designed to appeal to female voters early in its convention Tuesday night: eight women running for re-election or election to Congress standing shoulder to …

Why women avoid running for political office Indianapolis Star One day after Ann Romney’s Republican National Convention speech, the Associated Press devoted an article to her “tasteful, conservative and appropriate wardrobe.” Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice delivered an issue-packed endorsement of Mitt Romney, and Wall Street Journal Live responded with a two-minute video, “How to avoid Condi Rice lipstick on teeth.”

Poverty, pregnancy and marriage: a conservative’s view Los Angeles Times That’s an idea social conservatives could embrace, but it seems like an intrusive, “nanny state” approach to the problem. Rather than lecturing women, it would be better to address the issues that make many of the poor see motherhood as a better path …

Are female pens too soft to scratch the top The Standard Digital News However, women remain heavily under-represented at top-level media management. While there are few women who manage to shatter the glass ceiling, most simply remain in middle-level positions, or quit altogether after a few years.

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