Gender and Politics in the media

Gender Equality May Influence Peoples’ Choice of Partners, Everyone benefits from women’s representation in politics

Everyone benefits from women’s representation in politics Ottawa Citizen Pauline Marois is Quebec’s first female premier, a fact that got somewhat lost amid the nail-biting and shock that followed the Parti Québécois’ minority victory Tuesday night and then the shooting that shattered the celebrations.

Call for Women to Dominate Senior Positions “We really need women to gather in this nature regularly so that the intention of promoting gender equality in the public service is driven by women themselves,” she said.

A gender-neutral market FT Adviser The Gender Equality Directive from the European Union has created much comment as to its impact on the consumer market in general, covering areas of protection premium, car insurance premiums and in the longer term the effect on retirement income from …

Gender Equality May Influences Peoples’ Choice of Partners Counsel & Heal Thus, researchers Marcel Zentner and Klaudia Mitura of the University of York in the UK hypothesized that the influence of evolutionary biases on mate choice would decline proportionally with nations’ gender parity, or the equality between men and …

Gender equality influences how people choose their lovers The study by Dr Marcel Zentner and Klaudia Mitura, from the University’s Department of Psychology, found that increasing gender equality reduces gender differences in mate preferences. They say this indicates that the strategies men and women use to …

Gender equality causing inequities The Citizen Daily You are in the lobby waiting for a job interview. Sitting close to you are three smart and presentable men but there is also a woman, well dressed and looking quite sharp. As you assess the competition, you recall that the job advert clearly stated …

Why job cuts and gender equality matter to the economy In virtually all sectors of the paid workforce women are underrepresented in leadership positions, at a time when both the Government and the Opposition are foreshadowing cuts in public service positions without reference to increasing gender equality.

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