Gender and Politics in the media

Cameron in battle to regain trust of women, Frances O’Grady: ‘Women are feeling hard done by’

Frances O’Grady: ‘Women are feeling hard done by’ The Independent Frances O’Grady could be very dangerous for David Cameron. She is that elusive thing in the political jungle – a reasonable union leader with a common touch, who even gets glowing write-ups in right-wing newspapers. About to be anointed as general secretary of the TUC, the 52-year-old single mother of two talks like a normal person, balks at macho stand-offs between politicians and union barons, but comes armed with a neat line in withering put-downs.

Cabinet reshuffle Video at link Daybreak: Fears that Cameron ignored women in Cabinet reshuffle

Cameron in battle to regain trust of women The Independent David Cameron has launched a desperate attempt to win back female voters after new research for The Independent on Sunday shows the Prime Minister has a “trust deficit” with women that could cost him the next general election. After his questionable handling of the sacking of senior women ministers in his reshuffle last week, the Prime Minister has ordered Maria Miller, the new Culture Secretary and Equalities Minister, to draw up plans to appeal to the female vote, ranging from help for women to set up their own businesses to reducing childcare costs.

The cabinet reshuffle: Cameron losing claim to be a moderniser The Guardian (blog) It was fashioned around an agenda that embraced women, ethnic minorities, compassion and environmentalism. Cameron even promised that by 2015, a third of his government would be female.

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