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US: What New Stats Reveal About Non-Voting Women, DNC, RNC Target Women Voters Different Ways

Convention speaker lineups show both parties want women vote CNN The GOP women gathered at the Woman Up Pavilion at the Republican National Convention last week were a perfectly coiffed phalanx of policy parsing, politically-savvy conservatives on a mission to show their party does speak to women’s concerns.

Both parties vying for women’s votes Whether it was the Republican convention last week, or the Democratic convention this week, politicians have taken time to talk directly to women. “They make up more than 51-percent of the voting population,” Democratic State Representative Penny …

Women Voters Key for Obama’s Reelection … First Lady’s speech highlights how, in a 50-50 nation, the narrative that wins this fight may win …

“How can a woman vote Republican?” Huffington Post When you have 83 percent of Americans wanting abortion to be available to women whose lives are at risk or who have gotten pregnant through rape or incest, how can a woman vote for a ticket with Paul Ryan on it?

DNC, RNC Target Women Voters Different Ways Neon Tommy For Democrats, who historically capture the majority of the female vote, their goal was to remind voters of their platform favoring women’s reproductive rights

Obama vs Romney Polls: How Romney Can Close the Gap Among Female Voters PolicyMic The Huffington Post quoted Madeline Albright saying, “I can’t understand why any woman would want to vote for Mitt Romney, except maybe Mrs. Romney.” They said Albright’s words sum up the lack of support for Mitt

Female voters may be key to election Stan Barnes said the Democrats seem to believe they have female voters locked up because of the party’s stance on women’s issues, including abortion rights and the gender gap, but they do so at their own peril.

Ladies first: The battle for the female vote Women’s rights — from health care to equal pay — have played a crucial role in this election season. The girl power momentum continued through the recent political conventions, where the focus was all about the female voters and speakers.

Women for Mitt: why they say it’s Obama waging a ‘war on women’ AXcess News It is a smart move, experts say, though doubt remains about whether the tactic will be enough to overcome many women voters’ traditional discomfort with the GOP’s social policies. “Many people in the Republican Party are pretty extreme when it comes to …

Poll: Mitt Romney Making Headway With Women Voters U.S. News & World Report (blog) According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll released Wednesday, President Barack Obama’s favorability among women voters has plunged by 7 percent.

Why Do Democrats Talk Down To Women Voters? International Business Times Apparently, the Democrats don’t think the average woman voter is very shrewd. They think women can be persuaded by exaggeration, oversimplification, and outright deceit.

Activist slammed by Limbaugh reaches out to female voters at Democratic … Washington Post CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Attorney and women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke (FLOOK) is sounding dire warnings at the Democratic National Convention on a range of health issues if the GOP wins the White House.

Democrats give focus to women in Charlotte Asheville Citizen-Times North Carolina Rep. Susan Fisher, D-Buncombe, joins North Carolina delegates for the second night of the Democratic National Convention at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte. Democrats hope female voters can put them over the top in November.

The election holy grail: Undecided female voter WBRC The recent college graduate from George Mason University in Virginia is a female undecided voter, and with Gallup saying that Obama leads in the polls 47 percent…

Democrats look for high voter turnout among women, African-Americans Part of President Barack Obama’s job Thursday is to solidify and extend the gains made with women voters. Democrats also want to make sure that the overwhelming support for the president among African-Americans translates into higher voter turnout…

Democrats, GOP tug for women votes The Voice of Russia According to the most recent CNN/ORC International poll, Romney trails the Obama-Biden ticket by 12 points among women.

Fight for women’s vote defines presidential race WAVY-TV ARVADA, Colo. (AP) — A nation at war, crippling joblessness and a looming budget standoff that could wreck the economy have been overshadowed in recent days by an issue that polls show doesn’t even crack voters’ lists of top 10 concerns: abortion.

Obama Loses Favorability Among Women Voters Christian Post President Barack Obama’s favorability rating among female registered voters declined significantly after the week of the Republican National Convention. The women’s vote has become central to both campaigns this election season.

Obama vs Romney Women Vote: What DNC 2012 Gets Wrong About Winning … PolicyMic Someone on Twitter usually manages to summarize a whole lot into a few words. On Wednesday morning, a Tweet did just that: “Last night was the beginning of the ‘Let’s pretend the issues Americans face don’t exist and talk about other stuff’ convention ..

Utah’s Democratic Convention delegation and the female vote ABC 4 The First Lady brought tears to the eyes of Democratic delegates and also underscored how important the female vote is in this year’s presidential election. Now, obviously, Mitt Romney is going to win Utah.

What New Stats Reveal About Non-Voting Women (Including That Obama … Glamour (blog) Many Conversation readers are voters, but I read every comment you post, and know that others of you are ambivalent about whether or not to register or cast a vote come Election Day.

Married Moms Seen as Key Target for Both Parties Businessweek In their quests for November victory, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney both target a critical subset of the female vote: married women with children. The BGOV Barometer profiles those voters and how they’ve changed in the past 20 years, growing …

Rachael Harris Interview at RNC Michelle Obama Interview About Women 2012 Election 13 Michelle Obama: ” There Is So …

Women Voters Key for Obama’s Re-election CHARLOTTE, NC — President Obama “believes that women are more than capable of making …

Women Voters Hold Key To Obama’s Re-Election … First lady’s speech at DNC highlights how, in a 50-50 nation, the party that wins the fight over …

SBS On Demand – US election: Courting women voters With just two months to go until the US presidential election the First Lady, … The speech was …

Will women, moms sway election? GOP thinks so … A common theme among speakers at the Republican National Convention was female …

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