Gender and Politics in the media

Cameron’s reshuffle creates white, male-dominated monoculture, NI: My unease over lack of women presiding from bench

Cabinet Reshuffle ‘disastrous for women’s representation’ Video  TelegraphTV Katie Ghose of the campaign group Counting Women In says David Cameron’s pre-election pledge to have a third of ministerial jobs taken up by women by 2015 is at risk of becoming a broken promise.

Shuffling Women Out of the Cabinet Huffington Post UK (blog) France, Sweden and Switzerland all have equal proportions of men and women in their Cabinets and there are 56 countries in the world that give women fairer representation than the UK. Yet, the senior people in the British Cabinet behave as though this …

Reshuffle knighthoods trigger MPs’ anger “He also needs to explain why he’s giving knighthoods to sacked male ministers while ignoring more senior women – another example of the prime minister’s women problem.” Cameron faced accusations of ageism after it was reported he fired former …

A reshuffle for a new chapter The Commentator David Cameron is a mouse and a ditherer, or a man obsessed with desperately lurching to the right while shunning ethnic minorities and women. That summarises the analysis of Tuesday’s reshuffle from many of our most high-profile political watchers.

Cabinet reshuffle: a good day for Maria Miller but a bad day for women The female policy adviser brought in to advise David Cameron on his “problem with women” tells him what they want from his first reshuffle: “Get rid of a couple …

New Statesman – Cameron’s reshuffle creates even more of a white … “Cameron’s reshuffle creates even more of a white, male-dominated monoculture ” Change the words “cameron’s” and “Male” with “Green Party” and “Female” …

Tory women unhappy at reshuffle | Storytracker | PoliticsHome Tory women unhappy at reshuffle. David Cameron faces a fresh reshuffle row tonight after claims he told Caroline Spelman he was sacking her in part because …

My unease over lack of women presiding from bench, by Northern Ireland’s top … Belfast Telegraph Northern Ireland’s top judge has expressed his concern at female under-representation among senior judicial roles. Lord Chief Justice Sir Declan Morgan said hopes that historical imbalances would diminish naturally over time through recruitment on …

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