Gender and Politics in the media

Will one of David Cameron’s female stars be our next PM?

Will one of David Cameron’s female stars be our next PM? (blog) While David Cameron was criticised for removing several females as Secretaries of State, he has attempted to make up for this by appointing four female hopefuls as under secretaries. All of these recruits are members of 2010 intake and look to be …

Wake up, Ken, we’ve just given you a new job: Tory big beast relaxes at The … Daily Mail …But Yvette Cooper, Labour’s spokesman on women and equalities, said: ‘Women’s voices at the Cabinet table have been weakened even further by David Cameron’sreshuffle, and women across the country will lose out as a result.

Cameron shuffles his pack: Right-wing henchmen in, women and minorities out … But spineless David Cameron yesterday still refused to ditch blundering crony George Osborne and bring in an experienced figure with the ability to pull Britain from the economic mire.

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