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US: Michelle Obama Convention Speech

Michelle Obama Speech To Command Spotlight At Democratic National … Huffington Post Michelle Obama herself ruled out a run for political office during the interview. She also said that while she did not watch Clint Eastwood’s bizarre speech at the Republican National Convention last week, she heard the actor’s remarks were “memorable ..

For Michelle Obama, Convention Speech Is a New Point in Transformation New York Times (blog) CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In her speech here on Tuesday night, the first lady,Michelle Obama, will have a chance to define her husband on her own terms. But the speech will also mark a new point in her remarkable transformation from a Chicago hospital …

Previewing Michelle Obama’s speech Previewing Michelle Obama’s speech. All eyes will be on the First Lady Tuesday night, as she takes center stage in Charlotte to tell Americans why she thinks the president desrvers four more years. Sirius XM Radio talk show host Joe Madison previews…

Michelle Obama will try to rev up enthusiasm with DNC speech Contra Costa Times Michelle Obama, in her opening-night speech, aims to give people a very personal reminder of “the man that he was before he was president.” “The truth is that he has grown so much, but in terms of his core character and value, that has not been changed…

Michelle Obama DNC Speech Preview Video Washington Post The Fix’s Chris Cillizza takes a closer look at the speaking style of first ladyMichelle Obama

The remaking of Michelle Obama The remaking of Michelle Obama. First Lady Michelle Obama, along with former President Bill Clinton, is viewed as one of the leading political figures in the country in terms of popularity. The Cycle co-hosts discuss how the first lady can use her …

Michelle Obama Democratic National Convention speech to make case for 2nd … Newsday Michelle Obama had to convince voters four years ago in Denver that her husband was ready to be president, was like them even with his “funny name” and was a man who respected women, never mind his bruising primary fight with Hillary Clinton.

1 thought on “US: Michelle Obama Convention Speech”

  1. Michele is woman of integrity and substance, her beliefs are noble and applicable to everyone and all things that bridge the links in this country. Every good man should be judged by the company he keep, because it reveals him and his potential to make the the mark. I applaud Michelle and Barrack for impeccable gracefulness and tactfulness in this political perplexity.

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