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Can a Feminist Vote for Romney? Inherent Sexism in a Spouse’s Speech? Fluke: vote for Obama a vote for women [VIDEO]

Democrats Seek to Fire Up Female Voters National Journal Well aware of this data, the Romney camp tried to attract female voters in Tampa last week by scheduling Ann Romney and former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in key, televised speaking slots. Still, the polling on women voters has remained fairly …

More Than Two Dozen Women to Take Stage on Day One of Democratic [VIDEO] PBS NewsHour KAMALA HARRIS, California Attorney General: Well, women’s issues are no different than anyone’s. But women do disproportionately have the responsibility for raising families and taking care of senior and aging parents. But women care equally as much ..

Fluke argues a vote for Obama is a vote for women [VIDEO] Daily Caller CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame, contraception activist Sandra Fluke brought a message to the women and a few men who rallied for Planned Parenthood: Vote Obama to show your support for Planned Parenthood and women’s …

Lilly Ledbetter DNC speech text Politico Because women still earn just 77 cents for every dollar men make. Those pennies add up to real money. It’s real money for the little things like being able to take your kids to the movies and for the big things like sending them to college.

Conservative Woman: Obama Will Protect Women’s Rights TPM Maria Ciano, a conservative woman from Colorado, called for Obama’s re-election because he stands up for access to family planning at the convention in Charlotte Tuesday.

Women’s issues front and center at convention Great Falls Tribune CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Women’s issues are taking center stage at the Democratic National Convention, and Montana delegates say that’s just how it should be. “Women will decide this election, who turns out women voters, who appeals to their values and …

House women, Pelosi DNC 2012 speech text Politico For the Democratic women of the House, our work is not about the next election, but rather the next generation. Working with President Barack Obama, we are committed to reigniting the American dream:

Maria Ciano: ‘Obama Doesn’t Hide’ From Women’s Issues TPM CHARLOTTE — Maria Ciano, who grew up a conservative Republican in Aurora, Colo., took the stage at the Democratic national convention Tuesday night to discuss her transformation to supporting President Obama.

8 WOMEN OUT FRONT The women’s vote is crucial to Barack Obama’s hopes in 2012. So the party created an image designed to appeal to female voters early in its convention Tuesday night: eight women running for re-election or election to Congress standing shoulder to ..

CONVENTION WATCH: Jimmy Carter, women out front Businessweek The women’s vote is crucial to Barack Obama’s hopes in 2012. So the party created an image designed to appeal to female voters early in its convention Tuesday night: eight women running for re-election or election to Congress standing shoulder to …

Women’s vote hinges on social issues, pocketbook CBS News When the GOP-controlled legislature in Virginia voted to force women getting an abortion to view the fetus on an ultrasound, Blout felt women were being targeted. “In Virginia, I see absolutely there’s a war against women,” Blout said.

Can a Feminist Vote for Romney? Take the Poll Huffington Post Even though she rhetorically asked about women in general and not feminists in particular, her outspoken support of women’s rights, especially in the workplace, would indicate that she’s asking how anyone who truly believes in the rights of women could …

The Inherent Sexism in a Spouse’s Speech New York Times In parsing out gender in politics, it’s useful to use the rule of reversibility: Would a man be asked to do the same thing as a woman? Female “spouse speeches” at conventions have often been testimony by one woman that the man she married isn’t a brute …

RNC boosts Romney among the GOP women Washington Post (blog) … he suffered in Post-ABC polling heading into the nominating convention. The biggest driver: a record high 87 percent of Republicans now have positive views of Romney. Notably, favorable impressions of Romney jumped 20 points among GOP women.

Dems Open Convention As Poll Says Obama’s Popularity Falls ABC News Democrats opened their convention in Charlotte, N.C., today with the vision of keeping President Obama in the White House, but they were hit the news that a new poll found his popularity among women in a tailspin and the national debt has zoomed past …

Obama Enters Convention With Lowest Incumbent Ratings Since ’84 Bloomberg More voters had an unfavorable opinion of President Barack Obama than favorable going into the Democratic National Convention that began tonight, with his lowest ratings among women since he took office, a poll found.

1 thought on “Can a Feminist Vote for Romney? Inherent Sexism in a Spouse’s Speech? Fluke: vote for Obama a vote for women [VIDEO]”

  1. Michele is woman of integrity and substance, her beliefs are noble and applicable to everyone and all things that bridge the links in this country. Every good man should be judged by the company he keep, because it reveals him and his potential to make the mark. I applaud Michelle and Barrack for impeccable gracefulness and tactfulness in this political perplexity. I appreciate her ability to focus on the positive aspects of her and the presidents journey vs. attacking the opposing candidate, it is a phenomenal sign of great character and it sets the example of what a great leader should be focused on. Kudos in my book!

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