Gender and Politics in the media

Cabinet more male, white, southern and Oxbridge after reshuffle, Will Bennett make Greens more electable?

Cabinet reshuffle sees fewer women in key roles BBC News When he became prime minister, David Cameron pledged that a third of his cabinet would be female, but Tuesday’s reshuffle sees women in just five of 31 posts. The Guardian’s women’s editor, Jane Martinson, told the BBC it was “appalling he cannot find …

Video: Cabinet reshuffle ‘disastrous for women’s representation’ Katie Ghose from Counting Women In, a coalition of women’s rights groups, says David Cameron’s pre-election pledge to have women occupy a third of cabinet jobs by 2015 is a risk of becoming a “broken promise”…

Cabinet is more male, white, southern and Oxbridge after reshuffle The Guardian The Conservatives‘ first full reshuffle has left the cabinet slightly more male, more Oxbridge, with fewer people from ethnic minorities and with a more pronounced southern bias. Though the demographics are only slightly changed by the reshuffle, the new cabinet makes David Cameron‘s goal to have women in one third of government posts by the end of this parliament remote, and his wider modernisation agenda – to make the party more appealing to non-white voters, people outside the traditional, southern Tory heartlands, lesbian, gay and other minority groups – more difficult.

Number of women in Cabinet falls However, the departure of party chairman Baroness Warsi and Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan will exacerbate the Conservative party’s problem with female voters. The resignation last month of Louise Mensch, one of the most high profile Tory MPs, because…

Heathrow’s third runway costs Justine Greening her job as Boris Johnson says … Daily Mail Soon afterwards Boris Johnson, who is more popular than rival David Cameronaccording to opinion polls, weighed in and said Greening’s demotion shows the Prime Minister is intent on the ‘simply mad’ expansion of Heathrow Airport.

David Cameron’s first reshuffle prompts outrage at sidelining of Heathrow rebels But there was anger at Mr Cameron’s failure to carry out his pledge to bring morewomen into high office. Caroline Spelman, Cheryl Gillan and Baroness Warsi left their jobs as Environment Secretary, Welsh Secretary and Party Chairman respectfullyCameron reshuffles his government: Politics live blog The Guardian (blog) Despite near universal acceptance that we need more – not less – involvement of women in building our economy, the prime minister has chosen to further marginalise women’s influence on politics ..

How does Cameron’s reshuffle change the composition of the cabinet? The Guardian (blog)  Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to make broad changes as he reshuffles both his cabinet and ministry as a whole. Any changes in the cabinet’s membership …There were five women in the cabinet and 24 men.

Cabinet reshuffle live: Hunt becomes new Health Secretary as Lansley demoted “Prior to the 2010 General Election, David Cameron pledged to make a third of ministers in his first government women but in one fell swoop he has cut the number of women at the top table of politics by some 20 per cent. We now have a Cabinet where men …

Reshuffle: David Cameron listens to the awkward squad (blog) Despite her desperate weekend plea, Baroness Warsi turned out not be quite female, Asian, urban, northern and working-class enough.

UK & Ireland News: UNA Wales Wants Gender Equality Issues at the Cabinet … Vereinte Nationen (UNO) The United Nations Association of Wales (UNA Wales) has launched a petition, aimed at pressuring the Welsh Assembly Government into creating a cabinet post for a Welsh Minister of Gender Equality.

Green Party names Australian-born former journalist Natalie Bennett as new … The Independent Ms Bennett was elected in the third round of a single transferable vote, beating Liverpool councillor Peter Cranie, who many within the party had tipped for leadership, into second place. All 13,000 of the Green’s members were balloted with a turnout ..

Will new party leader Natalie Bennett make the Greens more electable? The Guardian It was a sign of the times that the election of Natalie Bennett prompted the once unthinkable question: “Is the Green party still green?” Bennett, a former Guardian journalist, greeted her election with a pledge to make sure every community…

Natalie Bennett confirmed as Green Party leader Business Green Natalie Bennett has been elected as the new leader of the Green Party in England and Wales, replacing the party’s first MP, Caroline Lucas, ahead of its annual conference this weekend.

Harman tries to play ball with Clegg on boundaries (blog) Those at the top privately suspect that when the time for the vote comes round next year, Nick Clegg and his colleagues may find it expedient for various reasons to submit to the changes and support them.

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