Gender and Politics in the media

Why sex strike is Togolese women’s best weapon vs. dictatorship, Malnourished women are not on diet: Keshubhai Patel

Does new Chief Justice’s gender matter? GMA News A lesson women activists have learned is that sometimes, women can be more macho than some males in their approach to gender issues.

Research Report On Women’s Participation In Local Governance Launched Ghana According to the report entitled “Research Report on Accountability To Women’s Rights & Gender Equality In Local Governance—The Local Governance Age Research”, structural inequalities, unfair ethno-cultural and religious practices, patriarchal family …

A nation’s sex strike for democracy CNN In a time of global political combustion, with calls for democracy sparking mass demonstrations, self-immolations and civil wars, the women of the small African country of Togo might be the first to try to bring down a dictator by staging a sex strike.

Why a sex strike is Togolese women’s best weapon against dictatorship The Guardian …This is why Let’s Save Togo’s women’s collective have called for the women of Togo to go on a week-long sex strike in order to press for Gnassingbe’s resignation. Self-respect and dignity are values ​​that characterise Togolese women, who were very active in the struggle for independence. And yet those same values are now being trampled by the political masters of Togo, who see vocal women as threats who can be abused at will. To go on a “sex strike” is therefore a way to freely vote against dictatorship, in the secrecy of one’s bedroom.

Modi malnutrition remarks insult to women, says Cong Indian Express The Congress Thursday slammed Chief Minister Narendra Modi for attributing the high rate of malnutrition in Gujarat to “figure conscious” women and demanded that he withdraw the remarks. I&B Minister Ambika Soni said “such administrators” should not contest elections and if they do, women should “avenge” such “childish” statements in the forthcoming Assembly polls.

Malnourished women are not on diet: Keshubhai Patel Daily News & Analysis Gujarat Parivartan Party (GPP) and the Congress lashed out at chief minister Narendra Modi for his statement that ‘beauty consciousness” among middle class women in Gujarat is the reason for malnutrition among them.

Pakistan’s Missing Voters New York Times (blog) Women voters are particularly affected. The latest electoral rolls count 47.77 million men, compared with 36.59 million women — a significant discrepancy given that Pakistan’s male-to-female ratio is 1.06.

Poet and firebrand finds herself in good company Casey Weekly Berwick ”The key issue is that women’s voices need to be heard and their perspectives included where major decisions affecting society are made – that is, in the national legislatures,” says Dr Orovu Sepou, a research fellow and authority on women’s politics …

Henrique Capriles: ‘Women Are My Weakness’ Fox News Venezuelan opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles said that women are his “weakness” and added he was convinced that they will be the ones who win him the presidency next month when he faces off at the ballot box against President Hugo Chavez. The 40-year-old former governor and attorney interrupted his speech during a rally Saturday in Tocuyito, a city in the central state of Carabobo, to confess that he was “impressed with how beautiful the women are” in that state.

Twenty Reasons Why the MDC Supports the Draft Constitution …4.There shall be equal representation of women in all elected institutions and commissions. To ensure gender equality the constitution provides for party lists to be headed by female candidates.

NDC NPP Blamed For Low Women Representation In Parliament Peace FM Online “The grounds for conducting parliamentary primaries is slanted against women, right from the composition of delegates, to officials conducting the elections…

Pan-African official happy with women’s participation in elections AngolaPress Luanda – The secretary general of the Pan African Women’s Organization (PAWO), Assetou Koite, congratulated on Friday in Luanda the women’s participation in the general elections, thus showing their citizenship duty for appearing in the polling station …

Et Tu, ANC Women’s League? Johannesburg — Many of us have become resigned to the ANC Women’s League’s deafening silence on important gender issues. What is harder to stomach is when the League actively comes out in support of sexism – raising the question of whether this …

Women are not fools at the ballot box: they vote for policies, not a leader’s … The Australian THERE has been a lot of palaver lately about gender in politics. Allegations of sexism are hurled around by the Prime Minister and her ministers every time she is attacked, as she has been lately for her conduct in another life, and Julia Gillard has …

Narendra Modi insensitive towards women: Ambika Soni Indian Express

Council of women: The push for equality in local government Wyndham Weekly If McAliney is a perfect poster girl to encourage women to stand in the October local governmentelections it’s because she has never considered her gender an impediment.

Women’s battles have positive results in Mexico’s congress San Antonio Express María de las Heras, a well-known pollster in Mexico, lost her battle with cancer shortly after the presidential election. The high-profile job as the director of Demotecnia transformed her into a public figure, shining in a country with a long road ahead to achieve many forms of equality.

Political and traditional leaders urged to advance ambition of women Ghana News Agency 

Is Bihar letting down its women? The Hindu ‘Long queues witnessed as women voters come out in large numbers’, ‘Using boat,women come out to vote,’ ‘Dewar bites Bhabhi for voting for Nitish’ — all of these were news items at the time of the Bihar Assembly elections of 2010. These elections …

Ngilu launches bid for top seat Capital FM Kenya NAIROBI, Kenya Sept 2 – Water and Irrigation Minister Charity Ngilu launched her presidential bid on Sunday and pledged to focus on women and the youth empowerment if elected Kenya’s fourth President in next year’s General Elections. Launching her bid …

DA will oppose 50/50 gender quotas for parties – James Selfe Politicsweb  The DA will not accept amendments to the Electoral Act to provide for party gender quotas. This would be as constitutionally problematic as basing representation in Parliament on race or any other demographic variable. The DA thoroughly rejects the concept of demographic representivity, which was the animating idea of apartheid. In contrast, our constitutional democracy enjoins us all to protect each other’s rights. You don’t need to look the same as someone to be represented by them in Parliament.

We’ll Empower Women For A Better Nation, Says Arogundade The Guardian Nigeria Re-elected in August 2012 for a two-year term, Alhaja Nofisat Abiola Arogundade is the NationalWomen Affairs Secretary of Nasrul-Lahi-L-Fatih Society of Nigeria (NASFAT) and also Lagos State Controller of the Federal Ministry of Labour.

Women’s representation in national politics stressed Himalayan Times Addressing the first conference of All Nepal Women’s Association, Kathmandu Constituency No. 5 here on Saturday, she said women’s representation in national politics and state bodies was not to the expected level though the Nepali women’s remarkable ..

Women’s parliament against Traditional Courts Bill South African Broadcasting Corporation Amongst the complaints against the Bill was that it provided inadequate representation and protection of women in the traditional court system, that it would not allow an accused person under the traditional courts system to make use of legal…

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