Gender and Politics in the media

The Man Who Is Obama’s Problem, Note To Candidates: ‘Woman’ Does Not Equal ‘Mom’

African American Women’s Legacy Is Political Power eNews Black women have had to maneuver between both their racial and gender identities for centuries within the legal and political landscape, since the American legal system both perpetuated and sanctioned racism and sexism.

The Man Who Is Obama’s Problem Huffington Post “The last 10 years have been very tough on the working man,” my companion said. “I voted for the president for two reasons: Maybe he could do something about the economy; maybe he could do something about fixing Washington.

Note To Candidates: ‘Woman’ Does Not Equal ‘Mom’ Huffington Post “I knew that her job as a mom was harder than mine,” he said of his wife, Ann. “And I knew without question, that her job as a mom was a lot more important than mine.” The speech dripped with such reverence for women who have children that one of the …

Democratic women gathered in Milwaukee to talk … Video Democratic women gathered in Milwaukee to talk about the election on Yahoo …

War FOR Women Post 1: Most Women’s Job Losses Are Government Jobs Jackson Free Press (blog) First, the back story: After a crazy week of watching the Republican National Convention, and yelling at chairs and TV screens, I decided to take today off, lounge and do some light reading. My guilty pleasure is fashion/decor magazine.

A War on Women? New York Times What do women voters think about the allegations of a so-called Republican War on Women? Is it real or merely political rhetoric? A group of women discusses what’s most important to them now. Moderated by the Op-Ed columnist Frank Bruni.

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