Gender and Politics in the media

The Women of the RNC, Profiles Of Republican Women

Profiles Of Republican Women Huffington Post There are no women on the major presidential tickets this year, but we’re still getting lots of attention. The women’s vote is crucial to both parties and we make up one of the fastest growing voting demographics.

The RNC’s Women, Cont. New America Foundation I think it’s safe to say that lots of women from time to time have secretly wondered: “If am presented with the chance to vote for a female presidential candidate whose political philosophy I disagree with, what would I go for, gender or philosophy

The Women of the RNC American Thinker Married women prefer to vote Republican, and in 2010, the Republicans won the women’s vote — the first time since Ronald Reagan. “This panicked Democrats like Wasserman Schultz, Nancy Pelosi, and my Senator Patty Murray because it showed [that]…

Olympia Snowe: Make the RNC About Women’s Issues Glamour (blog) Is there room in the party for both pro-choice and pro-life Republicans? It’s been a topic of conversation here at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, after Maine Senator Olympia Snowe wrote in the Washington Post that Republicans have to …

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