Gender and Politics in the media

Schultz: Romney’s speech was a ‘pitch to women’, Here’s to the eloquent women of the GOP

Schultz: Romney’s speech was a ‘pitch to women’ Schultz: Romney’s speech was a ‘pitch to women’. Republican strategist Steve Schmidt, Rev. Al Sharpton and Ed Schultz share their analysis. Schultz also takes a moment to comment on Clint Eastwood’s speech, saying it was demeaning to the presidency.

Women, Hispanic groups react to speech KRQE A group called Women for Obama rallied in response to the governor’s speech Wednesday night, saying that supporting Mitt Romney and the republicans means preventative healthcare for womenwill get more expensive.

What Women Want National Journal Top strategists from both the Obama and Romney camps are quick to point to suburban women as the pivotal swing vote in this election. Many of these voters find themselves torn about their choice, as evidenced by a focus group of a dozen suburban women …

Ruth Marcus: Ann Romney might not have appealed to real women – or men Post-Bulletin My real gripe was the campaign’s strategic decision to deliver two speeches in one: the humanizing, or attempted humanizing, of Mitt Romney, and the flagrant pitch towomen.

Here’s to the eloquent women of the GOP Kansas City Star … trophy from the party’s national convention. Before Thursday night’s acceptancespeech from Mitt Romney — but after speeches from Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, John McCain and others — some delegates said the women speakers had done the best of all.

Women Take Center Stage at GOP Convention Kathy Kershner, an alternate delegate and chairwoman of the Whatcom County Council, was impressed by another woman featured at the convention — Mia Love, a black Mormon and a mayor in Utah running for Congress.

Paul Ryan: Women ‘mostly worried’ about jobs

Lloyd Garver: Republican convention loves conventional women She screamed, “I love women!” And the crowd of presumably conservative Republicans applauded! You may have concluded that the Republican Party has come a long way toward tolerance and respect for all women. Of course, that was not the case.

GOP gender gap: Republicans have a party of men without women A Republican-majority Congress passed the 19th Amendment. The first woman in Congress was Republican Jeannette Rankin, and the first woman on the Supreme Court was appointed by Ronald Reagan

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