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A political war on women? No, a secret war on men, The Fight for the Female Vote

The Man Vote The current Gallup poll has Mr. Obama ahead among women by 8%. Even if you have been a regular consumer of news you may not know that this same poll has Romney ahead by 8% among men. You probably do not know that the vote preference given by…

A political war on women? No, a secret war on men MarketWatch Newsweek’s Kathleen Parker’s election special hit a raw nerve, exposing what’s really going on, what men don’t get: There is no battle scenario between political bullies like Christy telling the GOP to get meaner with political wimps like Obama, who’d

CBS Trumpets Obama’s Lead Among Women, Silent on Romney’s Lead With Men NewsBusters (blog) How come no discussion of how poorly Obama is doing with men? Is it because the Democrats have cooked up a “war on women” theme for this campaign, and talking about the male vote doesn’t do anything to further that partisan objective?

Voting in 2008: Nice Job, Women; Young Voters, Let’s Do Better If voting in 2008, as illustrated in Take Part’s infographic, is any indication of what’s to come in the election this year, more women will show up at the polls than men, and voters ages 65-74 will have the highest rate of turnout.

Female Voters Prefer Obama To Romney, Are Focused On Economy, Poll Says Huffington Post As women have found themselves in the center of much of 2012’s political wrangling — their bodies a topic for debate, and their hearts and minds a top campaign priority — many are embracing their status as key voters, according to a …

Women Who Love Republicans Who Hate Them The Nation I know there is no monolithic voting bloc called “women”—femaleness, like maleness, is cross-cut with race, education, class, income, ethnicity, religion, marital status, even geography. I also know we all make allowances for our own side, which…

Political ads put women at forefront WISH INDIANAPOLIS  – Every statewide candidate in Indiana is currently running a TV ad that features a woman. Both candidates for governor chose a woman to be his running mate. None of that is an accident. In the Senate race, Democrat Joe Donnelly’s

The Fight for the Female Vote Fox Business “Republicans are doing very well with men, but you have to remember women were 53% of the total turnout in the last election. More women vote and that puts more pressure on Romney to increase male support and reduce Obama’s female support.”

Women give Obama high marks despite economic fears USA TODAY Updated. TAMPA — American women say the economy is the most important issue in deciding their vote, and they think the economy is in bad shape. But they also give President Obama high marks, according to a new Lifetime Networks poll of 1,003 women.

For women at GOP convention, a mission to overcome Romney’s gender gap Christian Science Monitor “If we lose the independent women’s vote, we lose,” says Sonja Eddings Brown, founder of The Kitchen Cabinet, an effort to spur turnout by conservative women. The group’s modus operandi is to link existing networks and leaders and to leverage their…

Romney’s narrative for next 9 weeks aimed at women Houston Chronicle Women like Mitt Romney. And the endorsement of impressive leaders like Rice and Martinez – not to mention his appealing wife, Ann – suggests that female voters should believe the Romney-Ryan ticket will best serve their interests.

Ann Romney, Janna Ryan Continue Courting Women Voters Glamour (blog) After her successful convention speech Tuesday night—complete with obligatory dress kerfuffle–Ann Romney took her campaign efforts to a smaller venue yesterday, speaking at a “Women for Romney” breakfast event.

Republican Women Play Down Social Issues New York Times In dozens of interviews, women at the convention made clear that social issues are now taking a back seat. Even those who passionately agree (or disagree) with the newconservative party platform — calling for traditional marriage, public display of ..

Selling GOP to Jewish Women Forward Women’s World: Mitt Romney is hoping to chip away at Barack Obama’s dominant support among Jewish women. The GOP hopes to shift the discussion from reproductive rights and other ‘women’s issues,’ to broader topics like the economy and Israel.

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