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Juan Williams: Ann Romney, me and her convention speech, Analysts say Ann Romney speech succeeded on two levels

Analysts say Ann Romney speech succeeded on two levels Los Angeles Times Fox News TAMPA, Fla. — It was a powerful, unscripted moment. Ann Romney, resplendent in red, looked out from the podium Tuesday night and practically shouted, “I love you women!”

Ann Romney, me and her convention speech Fox News Last night on Fox’s special coverage of the Republican Convention, I said that Ann Romney reminded me of a corporate wife during her speech. In the hours since I made that comment, I have gotten a lot of static and a flurry of negative feedback through …

Ann Romney’s mother love: What about dads? Washington Post (blog) The reaction has ranged from wildly appreciative (on the convention floor) to dismissive (Democratic feminists) to analysts who praised her delivery but were critical of the speech’s lack of substance. But nothing that Ann Romney gives as examples

Chris Christie’s and Ann Romney’s speeches did not mix Washington Post (blog) As for the content and style of the speeches, Ann Romney’s appeal probably broke along class lines; she has a Junior League quality that is comforting to some, grating to others. Chris Christie did what Romney should have feared he would: Talk about ..

Ann Romney’s Red Dress Ended One Debate New York Times THE color red claimed its usual place of prominence Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention, this time in the form of the belted knee-length Oscar de la Renta dress that Ann Romney wore during her much-anticipated speech to the party’s …

Where Ann Romney’s speech veered off-track CNN When she began her speech, “Tonight I want to talk to you from my heart about our hearts” and “Tonight I want to talk to you about love,” it looked as if Ann Romney was about to tell her personal story in an effort to warm and fuzzy up her rather …

Ann Romney’s Role in Winning the Women’s Vote Bloomberg


How can Romney win the women vote? Video on The Daily Rundown’s Chuck Todd and Meet the Press moderator

Ann Romney’s speech: Did she appeal to women … Trying to appeal to women voters by showcasing the Mitt Romney she knows. Describing any

Ann Romney Woos Hispanic Voters, Urging They Get Past ‘Their Biases’ ABC News (blog)

Ann Romney woos Latino voters in luncheon speech CBS News

Ann Romney blames Democrats for GOP’s poor standing with Latinos (blog)

Brokaw: Ann Romney and Michelle Obama are best campaigners

O’Donnell: Mitt, Ann likely let loose Politico

Ann Romney’s Speech At Convention Delivered In Powerhouse Fashion … Huffington Post

Did Ann Romney connect with moderate GOP women?

Ann Romney speech: The tired-mom theme and policy that can help Christian Science Monitor

Ann Romney speech: Did she help women voters warm to Mitt? Christian Science Monitor

Why Ann Romney’s Speech Missed the Mark—By a Long Shot Slate Magazine

Should Ann Romney Have Skipped the Part About Early Struggles with Mitt? Yes … Reason (blog)

Ann Romney’s Love Story New Yorker (blog)

Michigan crowd still buzzing about Ann Romney’s speech in Tampa The Ann Arbor News –

Ann Romney, in the afterglow of her speech, takes a victory lap  Los Angeles Times

Ann Romney’s ham-handed message Washington Post

RNC: Ann Romney speech wins day-after rating Newsday

Republicans live-tweet Ann Romney’s convention speech The Hill (blog)

Boehner on Ann Romney’s speech: ‘I was a mess’ Washington Post (blog)

In defense of Juan Williams (and Chris Matthews) Washington Post (blog)

Republican Convention: Ann Romney Reaches Out To Married Women With … TPM

Does Ann Romney really know what women are going through? Los Angeles Times

Erbe: At Republican convention ladies night, feelin’ ain’t right Newsday

Republican Convention: Teams Woo Latinos, Women, Vets Fox News

GOP Women React to Ann Romney’s Speech (VIDEO) The Stir

Juan Williams Calls Ann Romney Corporate Wife What to Make of His Statements PolicyMic

Juan Williams: Ann Romney A ‘Corporate Wife’ Whose ‘Husband Takes Care Of … Huffington Post

Ann Romney’s show and tell National Post

Fact-Checking Ann and Mitt Romney’s Hardknock Early Years The Atlantic Wire

Does Ann Romney know how women really feel?

JMU Political Science Prof. Discusses Ann Romney’s Sway on Female Voters WHSV

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