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What do Republican women want?, Some Republican women wish men would just shut up

Republican Women Are Sick Of Talking About Contraception Business Insider Mention of the name Todd Akin here is typically met with eyerolls, sighs, and the occasional shake of the head. The Missouri Senate candidate’s “legitimate rape” comments have made him one of the most reviled people in politics this month — particularly among Republican women, many of whom told Business Insider they are sick of having to defend their party on issues of contraception and abortion.

Some Republican women wish men would just shut up Reuters Republican women attending the national convention this week are fed up with talk that their party is waging a “war on women,” and some say it doesn’t help that a few Republican men keep talking about abortion, rape and contraception.

What do Republican women want?
Fox News  Is there a Republican war on women? Let’s ask Republican women. After listening to countless reports detailing what the mainstream media thinks women want in this critical presidential election year, the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) decided it was time to invest in our own survey.

Michigan ‘Women for Mitt’ group aims to help Republicans compete for female … Republicans are competing with Democrats to try and win over female voters headed into the November election. “Women for Mitt” hosted a small gathering in Lansing on Tuesday night to watch the Republican National Convention from Tampa, Fla. They planned on gathering around the TV to watch presumptive presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s wife, Ann Romney, address the convention and monitor Michigan-related delegate news.

Gov. Haley: Women, minorities open to Mitt Romney USA TODAY South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley today rejected the notion the Republican Party has been hostile to women and minorities, saying she believes those voters are increasingly open to Mitt Romney’s message. “It’s offensive to me as a minority, it’s offensive to me as a woman that Democrats can go and say, ‘Oh that’s a party that hates you’ and get away with it,” Haley said, referring to how she feels the Republican Party has been portrayed. “It’s a terrible mistake on President Obama’s part and a terrible mistake on the Democrats’ part.”

Romney’s wife could help close female voter gap No one knows Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney like his wife of four decades. On Tuesday night, in a heartfelt, personal speech, Ann Romney shared her husband with the nation, talked openly about their marriage and appealed to women voters – wives and mothers who “hold the nation together.”

Bondi says GOP, Romney aren’t anti-women Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi didn’t mention Todd Akin’s comments from last week about “legitimate rape.” But in a speech before the Florida delegation Tuesday, Bondi said any talk from Democrats about how the Republicans aren’t supportive of women is nonsense, and she asked conservative women to put a stop to it.

Despite gender gap in the polls, GOP women are energized for Romney Dayton Daily News Florida resident Kathy McMurray has no doubt she’ll vote for Mitt Romney in November – she’s a diehard Republican – but if there’s one thing that gives her pause, it’s the party’s focus on reproductive issues. “I don’t need him making my reproductive decisions for me,” she said of Romney, who will accept his party’s nomination for president on Thursday. In 2008, 10 million more women voted than men and both sides are going after female voters.

Monica Owens Believes GOP Gaining In Women’s Vote CBS Local It’s no secret the female vote is very important in this year’s presidential election, and it’s especially the case in Colorado. Monica Owens says politics is in her blood. She was 15 years old when her father, Bill Owens, was elected governor of Colorado. Today, at 28, she is one of Colorado’s youngest national delegates and the chair of Women for Mitt.

KCTV5 GOP convention speakers court women’s vote KCTV Kansas City As Republican National Convention activities officially get underway, the party often called the party of old, white men features a serious influx of girl power at the podium. Women of all stripes command high-profile speaking spots at this year’s RNC. Condoleezza Rice, the first black woman to serve as secretary of state, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, the first female governors of their respective states, will fire up Republicans in prime time.

Convention seeks to repair GOP erosion with women and Latinos (blog) …Republicans are hopeful that Tuesday evening’s speeches by Ann Romney and Washington Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers will help soften women’s views of the party, especially on the heels of Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin’s recent comments about rape….“We’re not in territory where we can’t win … you can lose women by 7 to 8 points and win the election,” said Sara Taylor Fagen, a former communications director in the Bush administration. “We’re in territory with Hispanics where, if over the long term we don’t improve, we can’t win.”

Mia Love May Have to Defend Romney When It Comes to Welfare and Race PolicyMic Love is running against Democrat Jim Matheson; if elected, she will be the first black Republican woman ever to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives. Love’s campaign ad, which served as the introduction to the Mayor’s comments at the RNC, touches on central themes in her campaign—limited government, individual agency, and not being a “burden to society.” Whether she intended to do so or not, Love may have placed herself in the middle of one of the hottest debates happening in the GOP: the intersection(s) of race politics and social services like welfare.

Liz Cheney blasts war on women Politico Liz Cheney said Tuesday Democrats were trying to take women “backward” and that they believe the “only things women care about are contraceptives.” “I’m fed up with it,” Cheney said during an appearance on Fox News. “I’m really, really sort of at the end of my rope in terms of the Democratic Party claiming we have a ‘war on women.’ The Democratic Party seems to believe the only things women care about is government-funded contraceptives and government handouts from cradle to grave.”

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