Gender and Politics in the media

UK: Will Corby give David Cameron a kicking?, Do female MPs need to learn some solidarity?

Will Corby give David Cameron a kicking? She is gone, but not forgotten. Far from it. When glamorous Louise Mensch last month announced that she was soon to step down as an MP, those local activists who were angered at her arrival appeared even more dismayed by her departure.Whether her next chick-lit blockbuster will be entitled Backstab or Pique is a moot point, but one thing is certain: she leaves in her wake one almighty headache for the Prime Minister. For it is here, in the constituency of Corby and East Northants, that the reins of David Cameron’s power are most strained.

Nadine Dorries and Louise Mensch’s spat proves female MPs need to learn some solidarity Daily Mail There’s something deeply unedifying about the spat between Nadine Dorries, Tory MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, and Louise Mensch, about-to-quit Tory MP for Corby. In the blue corner, Nadine blogs that Louise’s decision to quit Parliament to spend more time with her family was a ‘pill very hard for some to swallow when she appears on her social media site and Twitter by the minute and has no problems leaving her family, popping up on the media on a regular basis’. For good measure Nadine throws in that ‘Louise has always put her own ambitions first’ and is ‘void of principle’.

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