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Ann Romney speech media coverage

“ABC World News” Exclusive: Ann Romney to Speak with Diane Sawyer Just … ABC News (blog) Ann Romney, who has been called her husband’s secret weapon on the campaign trail, will sit down for an exclusive interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer just hours before her anticipated convention speech. The interview will air Tuesday, August 28 on “World News with Diane Sawyer,” which Sawyer will anchor from the Tampa Bay Times Forum. Portions of the interviews will also be highlighted on, Yahoo!, ABC News Radio, and ABC’s local affiliates.

Party Gets Started: Ann Romney’s Personal Appeal on Husband-in-Chief PBS NewsHour (blog) Ann Romney’s speech probably will be the least political of any delivered at the convention and will touch on personal stories about her husband and family, according to a Romney adviser not authorized to discuss it in advance.

Ann Romney’s RNC task: Humanize Mitt Politico Ann Romney will take to the podium here Tuesday night and try to accomplish what the sharpest minds in Republican politics have failed to do: present her stiff and awkward husband as a likable guy. Her speech is considered second in importance only to Mitt Romney’s and will set the tone for the week as the Republican Party presents its case for turning President Barack Obama out of office.

Ann Romney, Christie on deck at GOP convention Huffington Post …In a round of morning talk-show appearances, Christie said Ann Romney would humanize her husband for the nation, and that his own speech would make the case for GOP economic policies and Romney as the fixer. But ultimately, Christie said, it will up to Romney himself “to let the American people see who he is.”

Mitt Romney to Attend Ann Romney’s Convention Speech on Tuesday Sunshine State News (blog) Mitt Romney is expected to be in Tampa on Tuesday, attending the Republican National Convention when his wife Ann Romney takes the main stage, according to The Hill.

Ann Romney says convention speech is ready, will be ‘heartfelt’ Washington Post Ann Romney has finished her convention speech, rehearsed in front of teleprompters and arranged for her husband to be in Tampa on Tuesday night to watch her deliver it. She’s even baked hundreds of Welsh cakes for reporters and friends. But hours before what amounts to her national debut, the would-be first lady had one last decision to make: pick out a dress.

Ann Romney not excited about the teleprompter Politico (blog) Ann Romney previewed her speech, and some of her baking, on the flight to Tampa a short while ago, via POLITICO’s Ginger Gibson…

Why the Networks Should Ignore Ann Romney’s Speech Slate Magazine (blog) As Kerry notes, over the weekend, a minor scheduling spat occurred when the broadcast networks made clear, even before the events were canceled due to the threat of Tropical Storm Isaac, that they weren’t going to air Monday night convention speeches. That would have meant that Ann Romney’s opportunity to testify to her husband’s presidential credentials, and to humanize the candidate, would have gone un-televised. The RNC decided to bump Mrs. Romney to Tuesday night, so we’ll all get to see her.

First Thoughts: The show must go on (blog) The Ann Romney and Chris Christie speeches will try to accomplish these two different goals: the soft sell of Romney (which is Ann’s role) and the hard sell (which is Christie’s). In fact, you could argue that those are the dual themes of the entire convention. Ann Romney will attempt to humanize her husband, as well as try to appeal to women. (Romney trails President Obama by 10 points among women in our recent NBC/WSJ poll.) Meanwhile, Christie’s job is to make the hard sell — that the job of a leader is to make the tough decisions, no matter how unpopular they are.

Putting Ann Romney in the spotlight a good move for GOP (blog) In today’s GOP, there are very few women famous enough to take the spotlight off Christie. But Ann Romney is one of them. As the candidate’s wife, she’s more central to the presidential campaign than Christie, and arouses natural curiosity and interest. As it happens, she is also a compelling speaker. That hasn’t always been so. When her husband first entered politics, she seemed a reluctant presence on the campaign trail, and her discomfort struck some people as condescension; a few minor gaffes, suggesting an excess of noblesse oblige, cemented her reputation for being stiff in front of the camera.

Ann Romney to be met on stage by Mitt after highlighting his warm and loving …Daily Mail Ann Romney is to paint an intensely personal portrait of her husband Mitt in her Republican convention speech on Tuesday night, speaking of their love for each other and struggles together before he walks on stage to embrace her.

Ann Romney gets prime-time chance to help husband Kansas City Star Eighteen years ago, she was accused of hurting her husband’s campaign for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts. Four years ago, after Mitt Romney’s failed bid for the Republican presidential nomination, she begged him not to run again. But today, Ann Romney is considered one of her husband’s biggest politics assets, helping soften the sometimes rigid demeanor he portrays as he runs for president.

Mitt Romney likes his speech, really likes Ann’s Washington Post (blog) Asked how his preparations for the Republican National Convention went, Mitt Romney said, “I like my speech. I really like Ann’s speech. Our sons are already in Tampa and they say it’s terrific there, a lot of great friends, and we’re looking forward to a great convention.”

4 thoughts on “Ann Romney speech media coverage”

  1. Interesting that a hurricane stopped the GOP proceedings yesterday.

    Some religious conservative (in the Romney camp) had once predicted that Orlando, Florida would be hit by a hurricane for being gay-friendly. Wonder how he’d explain a hurricane hitting the GOP convention.

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