Gender and Politics in the media

Conservative Dutch candidate echoes Akin rape comments, Christie: Offering a different message for women ”condescending’

Conservative Dutch candidate echoes Todd Akin comments on rape pregnancy … Washington Post THE HAGUE, Netherlands — A conservative candidate for parliament in Dutch national elections has agreed with remarks by U.S. congressman Todd Akin, who claimed that women have a natural defense mechanism that usually prevents them from becoming pregnant in cases of “legitimate rape.” Kees van der Staaij, leader of the small Christian fundamentalist SGP party, said Tuesday that after a woman is raped “the chance of pregnancy is very small.”

Christie says it’s ‘condescending’ to offer a different message for women than men The Hill (blog) New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) said he thinks it’s better for Republicans to push a broad message than focus on specific appeals to individual voter groups. “I hear people talking about all the time reaching out to female voters. Saying, ‘Well, what will you do specifically to reach out to female voters?’ ” Christie said on CBS’s “This Morning.” “Well, the same thing we’re going to do to reach out to male voters. I think it’s condescending to women to say we’ll have a different message for women than for men.”

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