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US: Can single women swing the election? Mitt’s pitch to women

US women and voting

Women’s Vote Battle Defines 2012 Presidential Election Huffington Post ARVADA, Colo. — A nation at war, crippling joblessness and a looming budget standoff that could wreck the economy have been overshadowed in recent days by an issue that polls show doesn’t even crack voters’ lists of top 10 concerns: abortion. See also: The Associated Press

Women’s Equality Day in the US sends election message GenevaLunch (blog) GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – American women made it clear in hundreds of US media Sunday that they intend to make their votes count in the upcoming presidential election, but just what the result will be is anybody’s guess.

Can single women swing the election? Salon It was, of course, a political moment that fostered identity politics. The burgeoning women’s movement created spaces for single women to meet and discover their shared problems. It also provided organizational support for single women to organize.

At convention, Republicans will make a pitch to women voters Kansas City Star Soto-Gilbert’s group is on Facebook, and she hopes to expand beyond Missouri into other Midwestern states before Election Day. “He’s always been an incredible supporter of women,” she said of Romney.

Mitt’s pitch to women Even while touting what he did for women in Massachusetts, he again sought to distinguish Romneycare from Obamacare by voicing his determination to repeal the latter. Conservatives could give him a pass on touting Romneycare as long as he stays firm …

Romney reinforces his support for women, points to record Fox News An ABC News-Washington Post poll last week showed Romney’s favorability with women at 40 percent, compared to 51 percent for Obama.

Va. backers urge Romney to reach women through economic issues Richmond Times Dispatch While Mitt Romney trails President Barack Obama among women in recent polls, some of the Republican’s Virginia supporters say the way to reach female voters is through their pocketbooks. Both campaigns are targeting female voters in Virginia — holding …

Poll: Jobs and economy main issue for women Politico (blog) A new poll of women voters shows the economy as the number one issue among the majority group that decided the last election, with health care and education the second and third major issues.

Poll: Women overwhelmingly back Obama, concerned about the economy The Hill (blog) A new poll of women nationwide shows just how steep Mitt Romney will have to climb to get out of the crater he’s in with respect to women’s vote, but indicates he could have an opening if he can win the one issue he’s been banking on all along: the …

Poll: Economy Trumps Medicare, Women’s Health Issues Kaiser Health News Fewer voters place great significance on other issues that have roiled the campaign, including newly minted GOP vice presidential candidate’s plan to restructure Medicare, differences between the parties on women’s issues and Romney’s handling of his …

Todd Akin Comments Are Not Deterring Republican Women Voters PolicyMic Representative Todd Akin’s (R-MO) unfortunate and overpublicized, stereotypically female-body-illiterate white male quip was prefaced by “From what I understand,” which in fairness, orally waves a white flag for anything uttered thereafter….

In Missouri, conservative women stand behind Akin Washington Post In Missouri, conservative women stand behind Akin. Republicans at a local fair explain why they agree with the congressman on rape and abortion, and what draws them to conservative values. Volunteers Patricia Lung, left, and Sharon Barnes talk local …

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