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Romney: ‘Women need our help’, Women & Election 2012 – The Five

Democratic Women for Romney* National Review Online (blog) The Democrats have just released an ad called “Republican Women for Obama”, in which a handful of women explain that they’ve voted Republican their entire lives until this Mitt Romney fellow came along and they decided he was just way too extreme. Also, they’re shocked to discover, after voting Republican non-stop for the last 40 years, that apparently the GOP is opposed to abortion. Who knew?

Romney pitches women on economic issues Politico  POWELL, Ohio – Tweaking his usual stump speech, Mitt Romney renewed his pitch to women on economic issues saying he wants to help them start businesses. “Just a word to the women entrepreneurs out there,” Romney said. “If we become president and vice president we want to speak to you, we want to help you.”

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Added Some Woman-Friendly Language to Their … New York Magazine Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan spent the morning campaigning together in Ohio, where the pair unveiled a new -ish message for the ladies. In front of 5,000 supporters (and a handful of protesters), Romney delivered his usual economy-themed stump speech …

After a Challenging Week on Women’s Issues, Mitt Romney Seeks to Woo Them … ABC News (blog) Knowing how important the female vote is to road to White House, Romney made an obvious play here today to woo women, even being introduced by a female small business owner and mentioning other female entrepreneurs and promising them help if…

Romney, Ryan reach out to female voters ahead of convention The role of making a more direct appeal to female voters will likely fall squarely on the shoulders of Ann Romney, long her husband’s most effective surrogate with women, who will speak to millions in a prime-time address on Tuesday night…

Romney: ‘Women need our help’ San Jose Mercury News Both parties hope to use their conventions to appeal to female voters. The Republican convention, in particular, will feature high-profile women such as former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley and New Mexico Gov.

Romney: ‘Women need our help’ Contra Costa Times POWELL, Ohio — Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney declared Saturday that “women need our help” as he promised to promote women-led businesses should he defeat President Barack Obama in November’s election.

In Ohio, Romney and Ryan target women voters Yahoo! News Blogs (blog) Paul Ryan, made a direct appeal to female voters Saturday, telling supporters at an Ohio rally that, if elected, they would do more to help women in business. “Just a word to the women entrepreneurs out there,” Romney said at a campaign event in Powell …

Poll: Obama holds strong lead in Pennsylvania The Hill (blog) …Obama holds the edge among female voters with 55 percent support to Romney’s 39.  Among men, Obama holds a slim edge at 47 to 46 percent for Romney. Independents also tilt toward Obama at 47 to 43 percent….

Poll: Obama Leads By 4 In Colorado, Boosted By Women, Latinos TPM President Barack Obama holds a 4-point lead over Mitt Romney in Colorado, according to a new pollreleased Friday. The survey, released jointly by-state progressive firm Keating Research and Onsight Public Affairs, shows Obama earning the support of 48 …

Poll: Akin support drops, voters want another candidate Politico (blog) …Akin’s fall is especially dramatic among women. They were about evenly split between Akin and McCaskill in a similar poll at the end of July, but women now oppose him by almost 20 percentage points. Even in rural areas where Akin retains the lead, his support has dropped significantly from a month ago…

Cathy McMorris Rodgers: high-profile spokeswoman for GOP The Seattle Times WASHINGTON — As the lone woman in Republican leadership in Congress, U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has become a high-profile spokeswoman for a party that’s seeking to erase a consistent handicap with female voters.

Women & Election 2012 – Greg Gutfeld – The Five Fox News 2 min

Cecile Richards: ‘I’ve never seen a presidential election where women’s access … Washington Post (blog) Cecile Richards has served as president of Planned Parenthood since 2006. She says this election is nothing like 2008: Women’s health issues are front and center, from Rep. Todd Akin’s remarks this week to Republicans’ pledge to defund Planned Parenthood. We spoke Wednesday about what the 2012 election means for women’s health, how Akin’s comments fit into that and what role Planned Parenthood will play in the debate. A lightly edited transcript of our conversation follows.

Why Women Rights Will Be Taken Away Forever if Mitt Romney Wins the … PolicyMic Several Supreme Court justices from the liberal side may retire during the next presidential term.  Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is about to turn 80, and there are four justices in their 70’s. The New York Times summed it up by saying, “The winner of the race for president will inherit a group of justices who frequently split 5 to 4 along ideological lines. That suggests that the next president could have a powerful impact if he gets to replace a justice of the opposing side.”

2 thoughts on “Romney: ‘Women need our help’, Women & Election 2012 – The Five”

  1. Mitt gives his money to the Mormon cult. other pay taxes…just what you believe in. Mitt will become a god if elected ….. double fun, not for US…
    Mitt is first of all a priest….God help US , can’t we solve our problems USA ourselves ?
    Do women want this ?? Do decent man want this Mormon cut mitt ? USA lost track ?
    Obama is guine authentic, whatever you think of his views. Mitt is a risk. Priest without discussion….no discussion …Mitt said ..yes i want to become a Mormon god…..period.. skip precidency

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