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Obama vs. Romney 101: Women’s issues, Women’s Roles: Sizing Up the GOP, Dem Conventions

How the GOP can mend its image among women  Minneapolis Star Tribune It is unfortunate that the stunningly insensitive statement about rape made last weekend by Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) is casting a shadow over the start of the Republican National Convention. Republican leaders, led by Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan, rightfully and strongly repudiated his remarks. Yet, the comments from Akin reinforce the perception that we in the Republican Party are unsympathetic to issues of paramount concern to women.

@politico Romney gives shout-out to ‘women entrepreneurs:’

Battle of the Women Vote The Wall Street Journal Digital Network

Obama vs. Romney 101: Women’s issues Christian Science Monitor President Obama won the women’s vote four years ago, and he’ll need to again to win reelection, given Mitt Romney’s strength among male voters. The Obama campaign has long argued that Mr. Romney is waging a “war on women.” Team Romney says it’s Obama who is waging war on women, with policies that have harmed the economic recovery – which harms women. Here are some of the women’s issues on which the candidates differ.

Women’s Roles: Sizing Up the GOP, Dem Conventions RealClearPolitics In a presidential election in which female voters are expected to play an outsize role in picking the winner, one of the curiosities at the Tampa and Charlotte conventions will be how the parties feature women and contrast their issues at the two heavily scripted events. Unlike in 2008, there’s no Hillary Clinton hatchet-burying to lend drama among the Democrats (Secretary of State Clinton is not permitted to attend President Obama’s political celebration because of her government position, but Bill Clinton will have a big role).

Women’s issues are key to thriving economy Indianapolis Star On this day when we commemorate women’s right to vote, we remind our candidates for public office that “women’s issues” are not separate from jobs and the economy — they are the foundation for creating a strong, well prepared workforce and the key to …

Sen. Brown visits Pittsfield, pushes stance on women’s issues Berkshire Eagle Sen. Scott Brown is served a plate of hot dogs Friday at Teo’s Hot Dogs in Pittsfield. Brown wrapped up his five-day statewide campaign tour in the city. He says opponent Elizabeth Warren’s claims that he opposes women’s issues are unfounded and that …

Toscano says Women’s Issues Matter in Presidential Election The Charlottesville Newsplex “I think people are very concerned about efforts to limit women’s rights in this area, and I think you’re going to see a lot of people come out to vote as a result of some of the recent pronouncements of some of the prominent people in the Republican…

Women’s Health Leads Election Debate The debate over women’s health issues has been at the forefront of this election.

21 Reasons to Vote Republican Huffington Post (satire) 1. I believe that “freedom of religion” doesn’t mean “freedom from religion.” I believe the entire country should be yoked to the religious ideologies of politicians. 2. As a woman, I’d like my reproductive system to be at the mercy of the religious right, and those politicians who cater to the religious right for votes.

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