Gender and Politics in the media

Marginalising women in Somali politics, Myths on gender equality

Hold politicians accountable- Gender advocate Daily Guide Ghanaians have been tasked to hold politicians accountable for their campaign promises. This is in view of several broken promises that the country’s politicians made during electioneering campaigns. Hillary Gbedemah, the gender activist who made the call, decried the continuous neglect of women in decision-making process in key and influential institutions in the country.

Marginalising women in Somali politics … While international news coverage of the above shady political process is repeated ad nauseam, the status of the 30 per cent quota for women in current parliament-approved constitution rarely gets any ink.  My reading is that international media outlets as well as Somali journalists take it for granted that failure of fulfilling this quota is best explained by the Islamic faith of the Somali people. This is often cited as being in conflict with decrees imposed from outside by international actors who allegedly paid for the hefty cost of $60m for the current constitution, and who also provide the salaries of former MPs and senior government leaders.

Myths on gender equality Al-Arabiya THE idea that the West and Middle East have extremely different views on gender equality has gained traction in recent years. However, feminists and progressive activists in the West and the Middle East share many values when it comes to gender equality.

ADVAITA KALA: ‘Roday women are embroiled in the politics of compliance’ Daily Mail Since independence, India has been served by fourteen female chief ministers – the majority, and this will come as no surprise have had close ties with male politicians, who have in some way influenced their political debuts and lives.

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