Gender and Politics in the media

Revisiting debate on gender gap in politics, Wagner: The debate over women’s issues are often done by men

Todd Akin Led Missouri Senate Polls Before Rape Comments Huffington Post Consider the enormous differences in the three most recent media polls conducted just before and after the August primary. These show Akin’s lead over McCaskill among men varying between 9 and 23 percentage points. Among women, the polls ranged …

Wagner: The debate over women’s issues are often done by men  believe what our generation needs is a nationwide call to action to make sure more women ‘s voices are heard. we need women voting in this election. we need women holding these elected leaders accountable for what they’ve said, for what they’ve…

Todd Akin’s comment brings ‘war on women’ back to prominence Washington Post At least until Election Day, Republicans were supposed to pretend that their party’s alleged “war on women” was nothing but a paranoid fantasy stoked by desperate Democrats. Obviously, Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) didn’t get the memo.

Akin’s comments reignite war on women Akin’s comments reignite war on women. Obama campaign national press secretary Ben Labolt, Romney advisor Barbara Comstock and Salon’s Irin Carmon talk with Chris Jansing about comments made by Rep. Todd Akin about pregnancy from “legitimate 

Revisiting debate on gender gap in politics Revisiting debate on gender gap in politics. Radio talk show host and MSNBC contributor Michael Smerconish and’s Irin Carmon discuss the gender gap that exists in the current presidential race, and how Rep. Todd Akin’s recent comments about 

Akin’s Rape Remark Aids Democrats’ ‘War on Women’ Theme Businessweek The Obama campaign is seeking to prevent Romney from narrowing a gap in support from women voters. Women, who generally favor Democratic candidates, accounted for 53 percent of the electorate in 2008 and backed Obama over Republican nominee 

Republican congressman Todd Akin says … “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

Abortion Opponents and Many Democrats Want Todd Akin To Stay in Senate Race Daily Beast Todd Akin was swift and harsh Monday as video of Akin discussing the benign effects of “legitimate rape” on women shot across T.V. and computer screens. But a handful of people and organizations—from conservative Republicans to liberal Democrats—have…

Flap over ‘legitimate rape’ puts women’s issues front and center in Senate … Women’s issues are again front and center in the high-profile US Senate race between GOP Senator Scott Brown and Democrat Elizabeth Warren, stoked by outrage over comments made by a Missouri…

Political gender gap exacerbates Akin controversy A wide gender gap between political parties continues in battleground states, with President Obama running ads attacking Mitt Romney on access to contraception. Meanwhile, on Monday, Obama was peppered with  questions about tone and tenor of his…

Video: Claire McCaskill’s opponent makes ‘ignorant’ remarks about women and … Missouri Congressman Todd Akin, a conservative Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, gave McCaskill’s chances a boost with some, not only inappropriate comments, but highly inflammatory comments about women and the subject of rape, according to …

Video: Ann Coulter Claims Single Women ‘Look to the Government to be Their … Opposing Views On ‘Fox & Friends,’ on Sunday, the panel was discussing how President Obama has the lead in polls of female voters (video at link). Guest conservative columnist Ann Coulter said that was because single women “look to the government to be their husbands.

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