Gender and Politics in the media

When women vote for men, Tanzania: Researcher Urges State to Empower Women

When women vote for men Times of Swaziland Women, some with babiesstrapped to their backs, braved the cold morning weather yesterday to see to it that the vacant seat in parliament for the Mtsambama constituency was finally filled. Of the many voters who turned out for the balloting process, females constituted a large number but paradoxically the women candidates were eliminated in the early stages of the poll.

Women in politics Ceylon Daily News At a press conference on Thursday, regarding the presentation to President Mahinda Rajapaksa of the Sri Lankan Women’s Agenda on Peace, Security and Development, Parliamentarian Rosy Senanayake said that the number of women in Parliament should rise to at least 20 percent. She pointed out that although many women should like to take part in representative politics, the prevailing political system discourages them, despite being 53 percent of the county’s population.

Researcher Urges State to Empower Women RESEARCH on issues related to women empowerment has been cited as an important strategy towards achieving the country’s economic development in an effort to alleviate abject poverty.

Women Economic Empowerment Must Be a Priority The Government established the Women enterprise Fund in 2007 to promote Gender equality and Women Empowerment. The Fund has been able to provide affordable credit to more than 500 000 women across the country, who would not otherwise have…

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