Gender and Politics in the media

Who Votes in America? Why Isn’t Ryan Getting the Palin Treatment? Battle for women voters is fierce

What do women want … in a candidate? – Video on … Women have been a flashpoint in this election but little is said about what is actually going on …

Voter Turnout Infographic Shows Women, Older People Most Likely To Come … Huffington Post The stat on gender and voter turnout seems to justify the candidates’ focus on female voters in the lead-up to the November 2012 election.

Women in Romney’s family blitz Oakland County The Detroit News — Three generations of Romney women canvassed parts of Oakland County on Friday for presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, saying women will play an important role in the November election.

Obama Women’s Health Ad Blasts Romney-Ryan Huffington Post Continuing its attacks on the GOP ticket over women’s health issues, the Obama campaign released an ad late Friday blasting presumptive GOP vice-presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) for his record on abortion, birth control and …

Why Isn’t Paul Ryan Getting the Sarah Palin Treatment? Huffington Post (blog) Sarah Palin the “treatment” were catty, jealous women or virility-challenged metrosexual males.Paul Ryan can’t petrify them with pulchritude; therefore, he gets a comparative pass.

One thing women can agree on this campaign season PRWeek Turns out, they must, especially when it comes to gaining the support of women. After all, since 1980 the number of women voting has consistently exceeded the number of men voting.

Women Voters Disenchanted With Presidential Candidates U.S. News & World Report (blog) The two-hour discussion was conducted in the Milwaukee suburbs with a dozen female swing voters or “soft supporters” of Obama or Romney, Hart said. Suburban women will be a key voting bloc in November, and Wisconsin will be a key battleground state.

Energized Romney supporters gather at “Women for Mitt” event Denver Post “If you look at them as a voting block, rarely have they deviated from the statewide results by more than 1 percent,” Norton said. “That means, if we win Independent women, we win Jeffco and Arapahoe counties. If we win these counties, we win the state.

“Women for Mitt” Tour WGBA-TV The stop shows how important the women’s vote will be in the race. Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefish and State Senator Alberta Darling were the key speakers making sure Wisconsin women lead the way to victory.

Obama Ad Attacks the Romney Campaign on Women’s Issues New York Times (blog) The Obama campaign, trying to shore up the president’s support among female voters in crucial swing states, is hitting Mitt Romney and Representative Paul D. Ryan in a new ad that targets their positions on a number of issues important to voters who 

The battle for women voters is fierce KMAland (Des Moines) Pollsters say there are slightly more women than men in the ranks of voters who plan to cast a ballot in this fall’s election, but haven’t decided which presidential candidate to support.

Romney campaign working hard for women’s vote Fox 31 Since March, when Rush Limbaugh ignited what Democrats call a “war on women” by labeled a law student who stood up for free access to birth control a “slut”, Obama’s campaign has been targeting women voters both by touting Obamacare and changes in…

Women Voters Key Target For Both Campaigns … Watch the video ‘Women Voters Key Target For Both Campaigns’ on Yahoo! News.

‘War on Women’ brings in the dough – Romney offers Medicare lesson … Politico WAR ON WOMEN MEANS BIG BUCKS — At least when it comes to fundraising. The 12 Democratic women running for the Senate have raked in $110 million, far overshadowing the $42 million their GOP opponents have brought in.

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