Gender and Politics in the media

Need for greater representation of women in politics, Why Women Don’t Run for Office

Why Women Don’t Run for Office Huffington Post We can at least contemplate adding to that list a reluctance to wade into the toxic swamp that is American politics. Meanwhile, at just 16.8 percent of House membership, women’s legislative representation ranks 78th in the world, tied with Turkmenistan.

Need for greater representation of women in politics Fiji Times THERE has been a call for one third of parliament seats to be reserved for women. While making a verbal submission to the Constitution Commission yesterday, Margie Lasagivibau said women’s voices should be heard. “I feel we women have more ideas …

Sh0.5 Million Poll Fee On Women Ill-Advised … and letter of the constitution which stipulates that each of the 47 counties reserves at least one seat for women. These women-only seats are expected to help in meeting the gender quota as well as encouraging the active participation of women in …

Women Aspirants Protest IEBC Requirements – YouTube Video at link 4 min Women aspiring to contest various elective positions in the March 4th 2013 election have faulted the IEBC for what they termed as prohibitive election regulations, key among them the proposal to levy a 500,000 shilling nomination fee for those seeking the County Women Representative seat. The commission has however clarified that County Women Representative aspirants will only required to pay 250,000 shillings, which is half the amount required for all other elective posts for men and that this was just a proposal that was subject to approval by Parliament. Sylvia Chebet has that report.

Kenya: New IEBC Rules May Bar Women Under the proposed IEBC Draft Elections Regulations 2012 those women seeking election to Parliament as Women Representatives or even the senate, now will have to pay a non-refundable nomination fee of Sh500,000 each to the IEBC. This means that …

Hogg takes national role to boost female politicians “I am proud to continue my work with the federation and our international partners,” said Ms Hogg. “Women are not well represented in government and yet they represent at least half of the population. Women need to be involved in the decisions which …

Term used for women in Tunisia’s draft constitution ignites debate, protests Washington Post Married women frequently make their own career and lifestyle decisions. Women marched on the front lines during the street protests that ousted Ben Ali last year and ushered in a new era of political liberty and uncertainty.

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