Gender and Politics in the media

Crowley Named Prez Debate Moderator, Top-ten ‘ugliest’ women in politics, White males buying false ‘self-made’ tale, Coulter Is a Female Misogynist

Crowley Named Presidential Debate Moderator, First Woman in Two Decades CNN (blog) In an announcement Monday by the Commission on Presidential Debates, CNN chief political correspondent and anchor Candy Crowley was named as moderator of the second of the 2012 general election presidential debates.

Presidential debate moderators announced: Crowley is first woman in 20 years Washington Post (blog) PBS’s Gwen Ifill moderated vice presidential debates in 2004 and 2008, but there was a significant push from some women’s groups for a woman to moderate one of the three…

Woman Among Presidential Debate Moderators For First Time In 20 Years NPR (blog) Three teenage girls from a Montclair, N.J., high school — Emma Axelrod, Elena Tsemberis and Sammi Siegel — had petitioned the commission to include a woman among the presidential debate moderators.

Gender Split for Debate Moderators New York Times (blog) The announcement followed an unusual period of public scrutiny because only one woman, Carole Simpson, had moderated a presidential debate in the quarter-century that the commission has been holding them.

Candy Crowley is 1st female moderator of presidential debate since ’92 Los Angeles Times Candy Crowley, CNN’s chief political correspondent and anchor of “State of the Union With Candy Crowley,” will be the first female moderator of a U.S. presidential debate since 1992.

Candy Crowley to be the first female moderator of a presidential debate in 20 … New York Daily News The Montclair High School teens, who led a petition drive to lock in a woman moderator, were thrilled Monday when the Commission on Presidential Debates named CNN’s Candy Crowley to run the Oct. 16 square-off at Hofstra University.

Limbaugh Slams 2012 Debate Moderators As ‘Far Left-Wing Liberal Democrats’ Mediaite Moving on to the October 16th “town hall”-style debate in Hempstead, N.Y., the radio host bashed moderator Candy Crowley of CNN fame — the first female presidential moderator in 20 years — as a “far, far left-wing liberal Democrat momma.”

Kerry Healey Launches Drive to Elect Women “It’s been wonderful for us, as a party, to have Sarah Palin out there and Michele Bachmann out there representing conservative women. But there are so many who I speak to on a daily basis who would be wonderful spokespeople on any number of issues…

Concerned Women for America stop in Missoula to register voters The Missoulian “The point of it is to get women registered to vote, identify like-minded conservative voters, and turn them out in November,” organization spokeswoman Alice Stewart said Monday. “This is a critical election year, not just for the White House, but you…

Campaigning for the votes of single women Minnesota Public Radio President Barack Obama attempted to make a strong appeal to women voters during a campaign swing in Colorado last week, where GOP challenger Mitt Romney also campaigned. Single women voters – a fast growing demographic – are especially…

It’s Time for CNN’s Political Gut Check CNN (blog) All year, Romney has faced a gender gap among upscale white women rooted in social issues; some more recent polls (particularly in battleground states) also show some movement toward Obama among the waitress moms, those non-college white women…

Beauty is only skin deep: The top-ten ugliest women in politics Washington Times This list consists of women who are not all ugly, not by traditional standards of beauty. Most in fact are attractive. What they are not, though, is conservative. Why no conservative women are on the list?

200 women voters rally for Obama in Southfield The Detroit News Close to 200 women turned out Sunday afternoon for the Michigan Women’s Vote 2012 Summit to mobilize female Obama supporters and highlight what’s at stake for women in this year’s election.

The appearance of gender politics Hillary Clinton is certainly not the only female politician to have her appearance attract media attention in this war over gender politics. More favorable and aesthetically pleasing comments rack up for former Republican Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin …

White males are buying a false ‘self-made’ tale Columbus Dispatch …White men have been fed the myth of the rags-to-riches, self-made man, the quintessential American narrative that says hard work and perseverance will equate to success. The idea cemented in the male cerebral cortex is that people who start from nothing can work themselves from the Horatio Alger mailroom to the corner office.

The fight for the women’s vote – Video on Planned Parenthood controversy. MSNBC’s Alex Wagner and’s Irin Carmon

Eva Longoria speaks on what she finds important to … 3 min Eva Longoria spoke in Miami Dade College during an event called “Women for Obama” and …

The battle to win over women voters

Romney, Obama Fight for Women’s Vote The Wall Street Journal Digital Network Wall Street Journal reporters and editors discuss President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s battle for women voters. President Obama revives the contraception debate and Mr. Romney argues economic concerns.

Women Key Voting Bloc for Obama and Romney U.S. News & World Report (blog) Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are pulling out all the stops to appeal to women voters, who could be the key to victory in the presidential election. Republican strategists say Romney, the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, is focusing on married and …

What Do Women Voters Want? President Obama was in Colorado on Wednesday trying to solidify his lead among women, appearing at rallies with Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown Law student who made headlines when Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut”…

The female vote in November OneNewsNow Crouse believes most women have serious concerns about the direction of the nation, but sees it as ironic that more than half of evangelical women are not registered to vote.

Young Guns to bring ‘women’s pavilion’ to Republican National Convention in … Washington Post (blog) Asked about the Obama campaign’s revival of the “war on women” theme, Carter decried the Democratic attacks as “a fake, media-driven war on women” to which Republicans should respond with a substantive message of their own on issues ranging from

Lieutenant governor candidate says women must fight extremism GARY | There is a war on women not only in Washington, D.C., but in Indianapolis, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor said Friday. Senate Democratic Leader Vi Simpson, D-Ellettsville, said a line has to be drawn in the sand today

Ann Coulter Is a Female Misogynist Maybe it’s time for Coulter to quit fermenting those coveted conservative eggs and quit being a “stupid single woman” herself, if she’s so able. Since she hates single women (really, just women in general) she should just do herself and her party’s …

No men allowed at Christy Clark’s women-only events The Province The breakfast was one of a series of women-only events Clark has held around B.C. as the governing Liberals watch their support plunge among women voters. I’m told the man who was booted out of the breakfast meeting is embarrassed by the whole thing…

Women-only events may backfire for Christy The Province The last Angus Reid poll pegs Liberal support among women at a minuscule 15 per cent, compared with 53 per cent of women who say they sup-port Adrian Dix and the NDP. That is a stunning 38-point advantage for the NDP among women voters, and it has

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