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UK Round-up: Mensch example why Tory grassroots have lost confidence, Miliband launching Labour’s Corby by-election campaign, Britain’s Anne-Marie Slaughter Moment

Impressive Mensch Leaves Big Problem For PM
Sky News Outspoken and apparently fearless … she rebelled within months of entering parliament over the Government’s plans to extend anonymity to rape defendants. Glamourous … with a rock and roll husband and a full GQ interview and photoshoot in the bag. Engaging … her tweets on all subjects and to all people offer a fair snapshot. Inquisitorial … she made a name for herself with combative questioning on the Culture, Media and Sport Committee. And ambitious to boot …”What do I have to do to get promoted over here?” she complained.

Miliband makes Louise Mensch seat pledge in Corby The Independent Ed Miliband has vowed to turn his fight to win back a Labour seat after Tory MP Louise Mensch stood down into a “crusade for young people”.

Labour off to a flyer in Corby byelection campaign The Guardian Three days after sitting Tory MP and novelist Louise Mensch resigned, the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, visited the east Midlands constituency to announce his party would campaign on the economy and particularly youth unemployment.

Ed Miliband launches Labour campaign for Corby by-election after Louise … The Independent The party needs to over-turn a Conservative majority of just under 2000 to win the Corby by-election caused by the sudden resignation of the colourful local MP Louise Mensch earlier this week.

Ed Miliband launching Labour’s Corby by-election campaign BBC News Ed Miliband says unemployment will be the key issue when voters go to the polls in Corby following Conservative MP Louise Mensch’s resignation. People are “crying out for a strong voice to represent them in the face of a recession”, the Labour leader says.

So long, farewell, Louise — you’ve been a real Mensch Jewish Chronicle My first introduction to Louise Mensch, a rising star of the Conservative Party until her resignation this week, was not through her politics.

Monster Mensch? What other female MPs think about Louise Mensch Evening Standard When Louise Mensch left a high-profile committee that was quizzing James Murdoch over phone-hacking to pick up her children from school she was immediately accused of letting down the sisterhood.

Ruth Marcus: Mummy wars continue across the pond Washington Post Now, Louise Mensch, a high-profile conservative member of Parliament, has announced that she is quitting to move to New York, where her husband works, and spend more time with her three young children from an earlier marriage.

The case of Louise Mensch is a good example of why the Tory grassroots have lost confidence in the national party (blog) As if Mr Cameron did not have enough troubles already, the Government is now facing not only another attack of the sulks from Mr Clegg but a by-election in Corby and East Northamptonshire in mid November following the decision of the sitting Conservative Member, Louise Mensch, to resign her seat. It would be hard to condemn her for wanting to be with her husband, who lives in New York. But what does this tell us about the way in which the Conservative Party chooses its Parliamentary candidates, or how those who put themselves forward to be Members of Parliament look at their obligations today?

Mensch blow gives Cameron ‘huge headache’ Financial Times David Cameron’s leadership has come under fresh strain after Louise Mensch, a rising star of his Conservative backbenches, announced her resignation, triggering a difficult by-election which will fall at the height of party conference season.

Britain’s Anne-Marie Slaughter Moment Businessweek …Mensch’s career bomb, and the reasons for it, set off a predictable wave of handwringing as commenters attempted to interpret it as another example of how “having it all” remains as elusive for women as ever—reminiscent of the debate that followed the July Atlanticcover story by Princeton professor Anne-Marie Slaughter on the same subject. After all, the reasoning goes, if Mensch—connected, successful, and clearly in an economic position to afford whatever help she might require to manage the needs of her three young children—can’t hack it in high-level government, what’s the hope for other women?

Hats Off to Louise Mensch Huffington Post UK Hats off to Louise Mensch for taking the decision to move to New York to live with her new husband and her young family.

Girls can learn from athletes, not Mensch Evening Standard …The case of Louise Mensch is a blow. Here is a woman who blossomed without sacrifice to conformity. She conducted politics through social media. She negotiated her hours through the Prime Minister rather than the Whips Office. Mensch made an exaggerated point about balancing work and family by skipping a chance to grill James Murdoch because of “childcare” issues.

Double trouble for Dave as Clegg breaks his word and A-list Cameroon Louise Mensch walks out Daily Mail David Cameron has suffered a double whammy today. First A-lister, chick-lit author and Commons glamour girl Louise Mensch, elected only 2 years ago, announced she was resigning her Corby seat in Northamptonshire to spend more time with her family.

Mensch resignation shows difficulty for mothers in nurturing careers Irish Examiner THE debate about whether women can ‘have it all’ has been prompted, again, by the surprise resignation of glamorous Tory MP Louise Mensch after two years in parliament. Citing her inability to balance work and home, the mother-of-three tweeted on…

Coby councillor looks to contest by-election after MP Louise Mensch resigns ITV News Corby Councillor David Sims has told Anglia News he is seriously considering “throwing his hat in the ring” to be the Conservative candidate in the upcoming by-election in the constituency.

Why did Louise Mensch step down as MP? The Upcoming Tory MP Louise Mensch has announced her resignation from the Commons as she moves to the United States due to family commitments.

Did you not read job description, Louise? Belfast Telegraph After all, Mensch must have known that being in parliament is the easiest of jobs and she hasn’t been exactly behind the door when it comes to courting publicity. Maybe she just learnt that being an MP wasn’t as much fun as she imagined.

It’s not hard to see why the Tories are angry with the departure of Louise Mensch (blog) Two days after the news, Louise Mensch is still under fire from her fellow Conservatives for her decision to quit her parliamentary seat early.

Emma Cowing: We have not heard the last of Louise Mensch Scotsman I USED to know Louise Mensch a little bit. Back then she was Louise Bagshawe, best-selling author of chicklit novels with toe-curling titles like Venus Envy and A Kept Woman, and I say a little bit because we never met, just spoke on the phone or over…

Louise Mensch takes a tumble from life’s high bars Even the Olympic cheers could not hide Louise Mensch’s exit from politics, as she must dearly have hoped they would. The departing MP for Corby bequeaths a by-election to the party that gave her a speedy boarding pass to Parliament.

What do you think? Norfolk Tories talk about the juggling act that women of … Norwich Evening News Conservative MP Louise Mensch, who announced she is to stand down as MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire, saying she was ‘devastated by the necessary decision’.

George Osborne on Louise Mensch’s decision to step down – video The Guardian The chancellor, George Osborne, says Louise Mensch has made a huge contribution to the House of Commons, and has been a great MP for her constituency.

Corby Constituents react to Louise Mensch MP’s resignation ITV News People in Corby give their views after the announcement the MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire Louise Mensch is stepping down. The Conservative politician said she was “devastated by the necessary decision” to step down.

Has Cameron’s cutie, Louise Mensch, let down working mothers? Daily Mail I don’t see why it should be held against Louise Mensch that she has resigned her seat. She was elected in good faith and has been a useful member of her party.


Louise Mensch: A Study in Scarlet | The Freedom Association By Tony Drury It is perhaps needed to make sense of the sudden and dramatic resignation of Louise Mensch as the Conservative Member of Parliament for Corby.

Corby: should I stand? (blog) There’s a mischievous online campaign now fast gaining momentum urging that I should stand in the Corby by-election following Louise Mensch’s shock (well, actually not that shocking) decision to abandon the sinking ship SS Coalition. I’m torn, I must say.

Louise Mensch and Nick Clegg boost the prospects for a Labour government Post Online (blog) The shock resignation of high-profile Tory MP Louise Mensch a little over two years after being elected is potentially a gift to Labour. Her seat of Corby and East Northamptonshire is marginal and in the current political climate looks a near certainty

The Louise Mensch dilemma By Ellee Louise Mensch can happily chill out for the rest of the summer and indulge her three young children with an abundance of picnics, swimming, bike rides, trips to the beach, or whatever they wish to do, with her Blackberry safely switched off…

Norman Tebbit and Edwina Currie blast quitter MP Louise Mensch … FORMER chick lit author has sparked a by-election after announcing she’s moving to New York to be with husband.

So long Louise… | Left Futures By Lucy Reese I have long been intrigued by the strange creation that is Louise Mensch – part simpering sex kitten, part strict dominatrix and endless cheerleader for the most unpleasant aspects of the current regime.

Why Louise Mensch hasn’t let our side down | The BritMums Blog By Jennifer Howze Louise Mensch’s high profile departure from her MP position has created an opportunity to criticise women who can’t “have it all”. Don’t let it.

The departure of Louise Mensch | Westminster blog By Jim Pickard Jim Pickard and Kiran Stacey share their views on the UK’s political scene for the Financial Times.

What Louise Mensch’s resignation means for working mothers, work … By Periscope Writer High-flying Tory MP Louise Mensch has quit to spend more time with her family. The commentariat are mulling what it says about working mothers and the work-life balance in modern Britain.

The Louise Mensch Show was always going to end in tears … Louise Mensch is a Marmite politician. Tory MPs, Question Time viewers and people on Twitter, tend to either love or dislike her.

Expat blogs roundup: I know how you feel, Louise Mensch Louise Mensch, MP for Corby, announced her resignation from Parliament with the statement, “I have decided, in order to keep [my family] together, to move to New York.

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