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COULTER: Obama’s Base Is ‘Stupid, Single Women’, Women, white people: Is that what campaign 2012 is coming down to?

Obama campaign aggressively courts women voters Obama campaign aggressively courts women voters. On the campaign trail Wednesday, President Obama honed in on a group that has supported him overwhelmingly in the past: single women.

ANN COULTER: Obama’s Base Is ‘Stupid, Single Women’ Business Insider Conservative columnist Ann Coulter on Wednesday said that President Barack Obama was campaigning with women’s rights activist Sandra Fluke because his base was “stupid single women.” At a campaign event in Denver with the former Georgetown University Law School student who Rush Limbaugh called a slut in March, Obama warned that GOP hopeful Mitt Romney’s policies on rights for women were “more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century.”

Poll: Gender gap for Obama powered by nonmoms Los Angeles Times Much has been made of the gender gap that has President Obama favored by women but lagging among male voters. A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Obama continues to hold a lead among women, particularly those without children. Childless working women, 25 to 45 years old, favor Obama over Romney by a broad 20 points, 46% to 26%. The president’s  advantage among all women was less than 9 points, 41.6% to Romney’s 33%.

Women still favor Obama, but mothers less so Chicago Tribune The president’s fierce struggle for re-election hinges in part on women such as Formato, whose support has turned lukewarm. See also: Reuters 

Political Wisdom: Courting Suburban Women Wall Street Journal (blog) Key Reads: Both presidential campaigns are crafting messages to appeal to suburban women across the U.S., a key demographic group whose votes are usually a good barometer of which party will win the presidency, Laura Meckler and I report in the WSJ.

Women, white people: Is that what campaign 2012 is coming down to? Los Angeles Times With the election still locked in a near-tie, the politics of gender and race have moved into the spotlight of the presidential campaign.

“Women for Romney” Seeks Support in Hanover Richmond Times Dispatch (blog) A recent presidential poll shows former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney still has a lot of work to do to win the support of women in Virginia.

Obama, Romney Courting Pa. Women NBC 10 Philadelphia Michelle Obama exhorted grassroots supporters on Thursday to keep working hard for her husband’s re-election, saying the president has fought to keep the American dream alive for the middle class.

Obama in new push for women’s votes Tengrinews US President Barack Obama aggravated a culture war battle over contraception as he wooed women voters Wednesday, warning that Mitt Romney’s Republicans would turn back the clock to the 1950s, AFP reports.

LINDA CHAVEZ: The economy, more than race, is Obama’s problem Cherry Hill Courier Post The president of the AFL-CIO is worried that President Barack Obama is doing poorly among white, working class, male voters — and he plans on putting 400000 of his troops in the field in six key states to change the equation.

Obama in new push for women’s votes Radio Netherlands Obama cranked up his re-election bid in the swing state of Colorado — where a poll showed his White House foe Romney up by five points — vowing to protect women’s health rights enshrined in his historic health care law.

Where Obama’s Winning: Ladies’ Merch Daily Beast One need look no further than Mitt Romney’s online campaign store to see just how much he cares about the female vote. On Wednesday, Buzzfeed called our attention to his women’s section, “Ann’s Collection,” and its embarrassing lack of offerings.

Obama courts Colorado gals New York Post WASHINGTON — President Obama yesterday returned to battleground Colorado, where on a previous trip, he helped console victims of the “Dark Knight” massacre, but this time issued an all-out appeal for the women’s vote.

Florida female voters key to presidential election In Jacksonville, Romney’s supporters also spoke about the importance of the female vote. “Women are going to be major components that are going to help win the election because it’s women–single moms, unemployed–the women who are just trying to…

Michelle Obama helps campaign for female vote Allentown Morning Call Securing support from female voters, particularly mothers who tend to be most concerned about issues like education and health care, is a key tenet of President Barack Obama’s re-election strategy. Women made up 53 percent of the voting electorate in …

Candidates Launch ‘War on Women’ Ads ABC News “Mr. Romney’s running as the candidate of conservative values. There’s nothing conservative about a government that prevents a woman from making her own health care decisions,” Obama said Wednesday in Denver.

The battle to win over women voters 6 min The battle to win over women voters. Aug 9, 2012. – 5:48 –  Can Sandra Fluke help Obama win?

Will Obamacare and support from female voters … “Keep calling Sandra Fluke a slut and see where it gets you.” — Irin Carmon.

Obama, Mitt Romney Court Key Groups On … Obama is spending two days in Colorado, reaching out to women voters whose support is 

Romney Women Blast Welfare Change [VIDEO] NASHUA, N.H. – “Women for Mitt” supporters in this swing state blasted President Obama on 

Obama Says He’s the Better Candidate for Women … 1 min President Barack Obama is emphasizing women’s health issues and the economy during his 

The economy and politics of race and gender Crain’s Chicago Business (blog) Like certain Olympic athletes, political demographers get to shine during these four-year election cycles. As the New York Times points out this morning, the Obama campaign is courting the vote of the single women.

In Weak Economy, an Opening to Court Votes of Single Women New York Times LAS VEGAS — Being single, Alyson Sheradin had no one to rely on when the financial crisis hit. She lost the considerable savings she had tucked away after selling her business in 2002, and struggled to find work as a business consultant, recently 

Women voters key in swing state push video – CNET TV 3 min Watch Women voters key in swing state push videos on CNET TV: The latest Quinnipiac/CBS 

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