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Obama, Romney campaigns and female voters, Tea Party Women Sex Appeal?

Campaigning: Romney launches “Women for Mitt” coalition NBC Latino Democrats and progressives have been waging an aggressive campaign to win over women voters, repeatedly attacking recent Republican legislation restricting abortion and eliminating Planned Parenthood funding, as well as the GOP fight over the new…

Ann Romney named chairman of Women for Mitt Coalition Daily Caller

Republicans reach out to women voters Financial Times The line-up showed the efforts that the Republican party is making to narrow Barack Obama’s strong lead with women and entice female voters back Mitt Romney its presumptive presidential nominee.

Working-class, female voters get campaign wooing The Associated Press By PHILIP ELLIOTT and JULIE PACE DES MOINES, Iowa — Republican candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are making hard sells to working-class and female voters while raising the volume on their criticism to fire 

Working-class, female voters get campaign wooing Washington Post Obama is heading westward to Colorado to make the case to voters, especially women, that he should be re-elected in November.

Obama courts female voters; Romney riles California’s governor Austin American-Statesman DENVER — Pitching for the women’s vote, President Barack Obama said Wednesday that Republicans intent on undoing his health care law would be eliminating benefits for women and funding for contraceptive services.

Obama Trades Comforter Hat for Campaigner on Colorado Return Businessweek President Barack Obama targeted female voters in the swing state of Colorado, telling a Denver audience that his rival Mitt Romney and Republicans support policies “more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century.”

Obama in new push for women’s votes AFP By Stephen Collinson DENVER — US President Barack Obama aggravated a culture war battle over contraception as he wooed women voters, warning that Mitt Romney’s Republicans would turn back the clock to the 1950s.

Women, working class get campaigns’ hard sell San Francisco Chronicle DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Republican candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are making the hard sell to working-class and women voters while raising the volume of their criticism to cast the other guy as an extremist.

Obama wages birth control fight in bid for woman vote Outcome Magazine In a direct pitch for the votes of women, who could be crucial in November’s election, Obama flew to Colorado to tout his health care law, which mandates coverage for preventive services like mammograms and contraception.

Obama: Romney ‘more suited to the 1950s’ on women’s health Los Angeles Times DENVER – President Obama on Wednesday cast Republican Mitt Romney as a throwback to the 1950s on issues related to women’s health in a speech aimed at winning women’s votes in a key battleground.

Obama Says Romney Would Take Women Back to 1950s on Health Care New York Times (blog) DENVER – President Obama made one of his strongest pitches to date to rally the women’s vote that is crucial to his re-election, telling a mostly female crowd estimated at 4000 in the swing state of Colorado on Wednesday that Republicans led by Mitt…

Presidential Candidates Use Tough Ads To Court Single Women Voters Kaiser Health News The competition for these votes has led President Obama’s campaign ads to highlight GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s positions on issues such Planned Parenthood funding as well as other women’s health and contraception issues.

Women, working class get campaigns’ hard sell Newsday DES MOINES, Iowa – Republican candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are making the hard sell to working-class and women voters while raising the volume of their criticism to cast the other guy as an extremist.

Obama says election is crucial to women’s rights USA TODAY Appealing to a key constituency, President Obama said today that this year’s election could decide whether women get to keep newly won rights on health care and pay equity.

Obama makes a play for women in Colorado Politico (blog) DENVER – President Barack Obama began a two-day swing through the battleground state of Colorado with a play for the critical women’s vote. In what could have been called the “Obamacare address,” he passionately outlined the benefits of the health care

Working-class, female voters get campaign wooing KEYC TV The crowd at the Auraria Event Center was expected to be predominantly women. The president was to be introduced by Fluke, the Georgetown University student who gained notoriety after conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh called her a slut…

Romney heads to New Jersey; Campaigns look to women Both Obama and Romney see women – particularly suburban women from their 30s to their 50s – as crucial to their victory in Colorado, where polls show the candidates in a tight contest for the state’s nine electoral votes.

No Fluke: Obama needs Colorado’s women voters Washington Post (blog) BOULDER, Colo. – It’s certainly no fluke that President Obama is being introduced by Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke when he makes a campaign stop in Denver on Wednesday.Women voters could make all the difference in this swing state…

Florida Republican women open new front in vote ‘war’ Palm Beach Post With Democrats fueling campaign talk of the Republican Party’s alleged war on women, a leading Florida GOP group Wednesday launched its own campaign to promote Republican women candidates and officeholders.

In Colorado, Obama Campaigns On Women’s Issues, Romney Surrogates On … RTT News The president will focus on women’s issues on the first day of his Colorado trip. The Obama campaign also released a video on the subject Wednesday featuring comedic actress Elizabeth Banks and her personal experience with Planned Parenthood.

Romney and Obama Campaigns Step up Wooing of Women and Latinos Fox News The men who want to be President in 2013 are stepping up their wooing of women and Latino voters, issuing announcements about outreach efforts to both voting blocs, and characterizing their opponent as someone who would impede the progress of both…

Obama says he’s the better candidate for female voters Globe and Mail

Obama: Romney wants to take women’s health … (CBS News) In an impassioned appeal to women voters, President Obama on Wednesday…

Obama campaign aggressively courts women … Video on On the campaign trail Wednesday, President Obama honed in on a ..

Barack Obama targets women voters – YouTube CNN 3 min Campaigning in Colorado, Obama makes a new push for the female vote.

Women, Working Class Get Campaigns’ Hard  2 min Republican candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are making the hard sell…

Polls: Polls Underline Stubborn Splits in 3 Key States New York Times Similarly, Mr. Romney is trying to peel off as many female voters as possible from Mr. Obama’s electoral coalition, hoping to offset the president’s advantages among single and nonwhite women by appealing to married and white women…

Poll paints picture of entrenched middle-class, female voters in swing states Boston Globe NEW YORK — For all of the Democratic attacks painting Mitt Romney as an out-of-touch elitist who will help the rich at the expense of the middle class, he is maintaining the traditional — and sizable — Republican advantage among a politically vital…

Polls: Voters Dividing Along Familiar Lines, With One Surprise National Journal But directionally, this pattern represents a big change from earlier this year when Quinnipiac’s swing state polls generally showed a gender gap only among upscale whites, and Obama running almost as poorly among the working-class women as the men…

Obama Looks to Women, Latino Voters to Catch Romney in Colorado Bloomberg President Barack Obama, running behind in the latest poll in Colorado, is trying to energize two key constituencies in the swing state, women and Hispanics, as Mitt Romney blames Obama for the U.S.’s slow economic recovery.

Poll finds Romney unfavorability rating rising among voters The Hill (blog) The poll also confirms the gender gap, with Obama doing best among women and Romney men. Fifty-eight percent of women view Obama favorably, to 47 percent of men. Romney is seen as favorable by 44 percent of men and 36 percent of women.

New Poll Cites Challeges for Both Obama and Romney KBOI But President Obama has his own challenges in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll, notably among registered voters, and with much weaker numbers among men than women.

Government and Political Roundup: More polling gives Pres. Obama another lead Pierce County Herald That’s consistent with other polls in the state over the past couple of months. The new poll looked at three swing states – Wisconsin, Virginia, and Colorado. And all three had gender gaps in which women favored Obama, while men endorsed Romney.

Women help Obama dominate Romney in Va. Washington Examiner Obama tops Romney 54 percent to 40 percent among women, twice the lead he had in 2008 when exit polls showed Virginia women backing Obama over Republican John McCain 53 percent to 46 percent.

She Votes 2012 Bus Tour Comes to Charlottesville NBC 29 News “Concerned Women for America is taking literally to the road across the country and getting the message out that we need to vote our values and make sure we’re registered and come election day we actually vote,” said Penny Nance with Concerned Women ..

Bus Tour Seeks To Mobilize Conservative Women Voters WINA AM 1070 Bus Tour Seeks To Mobilize Conservative Women Voters. A local campaign stop was made by a conservative women’s organization. The Concerned Women for America brought what’s called the “She Votes 2012” campaign to Meade Park.

Bus Tour Targets Conservative Women Amid Sagging Poll Numbers The Charlottesville Newsplex A conservative women’s group made a Charlottesville stop as part of a bus tour, while new poll numbers show more female Virginia voters are leaning toward Democrats in November’s elections.

Why Sarah Palin and Tea Party Women Tend to have Sex Appeal PolicyMic Why are female Tea Party politicians so good looking? Politics is a swell of appearances, where candidates of all walks try to literally dress up their ideological views with charming smiles of egg-white teeth, perfectly trimmed hair, and crisp suits.

The Year of the Woman Again? Yes, But This Time It’s For Real RH Reality Check (blog) But the result was a worst-case scenario: Due to primary losses and a Tea Party wave, the country actually ended up with fewer women in Congress than prior to Election Day.

Women as voters: Single Women May be Key to this Year’s Election Opposing Views The New York Times today reports that single women’s votes may be key to this year’s presidential election. “Single women are one of the country’s fastest-growing demographic groups — there are 1.8 million more now than just two years ago,” the Times …

Why Do Married Women Vote Republican? History News Network (blog) An article in today’s New York Times takes on one of the enduring mysteries of recent American politics: Why do single women vote for Democrats in such greater numbers than married women?

A Woman’s Perogative at the Ballot Box Jewish Exponent Focus on the women’s vote — and talk of a gender gap — have been mainstays of presidential politics since at least the 1980s. But this year, the women’s vote and issues deemed important to female voters appear to be garnering extra attention.

Mitt Romney and the Female Vote Christian Broadcasting Network (blog) The Brody File thinks the real action to watch will be how many evangelical women show up at the polls. According to Concerned Women for America there are 60 million evangelical women in America. Only half of them vote.

Madison Politiscope: Why do women love Obama so much? Capital Times The most stunning results are seen in a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University/New York Times/CBS News (yes, all of them), which showed President Obama up on Mitt Romney by a whopping 23 points among women in Wisconsin, 59 to 36 percent.

In weak economy, an opening to court votes of single women San Jose Mercury News But now, as she weighs competing inclinations — she believes Americans should have health care but is wary of President Barack Obama’s plan; she bristles at burdens on small business but also at constraints on women’s rights — she is not so sure.

Women’s issues and courts playing a big role in the presidential election WKSU News “To me it’s offensive that they frame this as a women’s rights issue….as a birth control issue.” That’s Stephanie Ranade Krider with Ohio Right to Life. She says her organization does not take a stand on birth control issues.

Eva Longoria: It’s not the Latino vote but the female vote VOXXI (blog) With only three months remaining for the upcoming presidential election, and in hopes of reinforcing women’s votes in swing states such as Florida, the Obama campaign hosted two summits for women voters in the state…

Florida Voters Divided on Obama – Moms Matter … 4 min Florida Voters Divided on Obama – Moms Matter “Swing State” Road Trip 2012

Woman outraged to find out voters were being patted down at Detroit polls WDIV Detroit As voters waited in line to enter the polls they were subjected to a pat-down. “Women, they were having their purses open … with the men, Wayne, he was right in front of me, he was being patted down like he was a criminal.

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