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Labour’s by-election chance, Mensch’s resignation should reinforce we need more mothers as MPs

By election coverage:

Louise Mensch to quit as an MP, triggering Corby by-election BBC News …The by-election is expected to be held on 15 November – the same day as elections for police and crime commissioners are held across England and Wales. It is the first Conservative-held seat to be contested since the 2010 election and will be a major test for David Cameron and the coalition. The BBC’s Political Correspondent Carole Walker said the election was likely to be “awkward” for the prime minister – coming at a time of economic and political difficulties for the government.

Louise Mensch: New Corby candidate ‘should be local’ BBC News A Conservative MP has urged his party to find a candidate with “more local experience” to replace outgoing Corby MP Louise Mensch. Mrs Mensch said she was standing down to spend more time with her family.

Andy McSmith: Why Mensch’s move has gifted Labour a by-election win The Independent Louise Mensch claimed yesterday to be “overwhelmed” by messages of support – which suggests she is not well attuned to the private thoughts of David Cameron or the party activists left fighting to retain her seat.

U.K. Conservative Lawmaker Quits Seat, Creating Test for Cameron Bloomberg Conservative Party lawmaker Louise Mensch unexpectedly resigned from U.K. politics today to move to New York, creating a test for Prime Minister David Cameron who may struggle to retain the seat she narrowly won two years ago.

Cameron faces poll test after Tory MP Mensch quits Reuters UK Monday’s decision by Louise Mensch, married to the manager of rock band Metallica and a Conservative MP since the 2010 national election, will trigger a by-election for her seat in Corby in the English Midlands.

Louise Mensch resignation: Cameron has a hard by-election fight ahead By losing Louise Mensch as MP for Corby and Northamptonshire East, David Cameron has suffered a double blow.

Louise Mensch’s decision to quit gives Labour by-election chance The Week UK WITHIN five minutes of Tory MP Louise Mensch announcing she is quitting her highly marginal Corby and East Northampton seat to go to the US with her rock ‘n’ roll husband and family, the Twittersphere was alive with speculation about this being a golden opportunity for Ed Miliband and Labour to gain the Tory constituency in the by-election.

What Louise Mensch’s resignation means for the Conservative party She was the Tories’ latest pin-up – both figuratively and following her GQ shoot in January, literally – but today in a surprise announcement, Louise Mensch has resigned as MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire.

Caron’s Musings: Boris will not run for Louise Mensch’s seat By Caron Lindsay Boris will not run for Louise Mensch’s seat. Good luck to Louise Mensch as she heads to New York to live with her new husband. It didn’t take long for Political Betting to kick off the speculation that Boris Johnson will fight this highly marginal ..

Coverage of Louise Mensch:

Louise Mensch’s resignation should reinforce – not undermine – that we need more mothers as MPs, not that they can’t hack it Daily Mail Louise Mensch’s resignation from parliament today is not a story about the impossibility of juggling motherhood with a high-flying career. It barely needs repeating that we need more mothers in Westminster and not fewer.

Did Louise Mensch simply get sick of paperwork? – Mic Wright Could Louise Mensch have juggled her personal and professional responsibilities, if the processes of Parliament were more up to date? Mic Wright says yes.

Sarah-Jane Lovett: Hats Off to Louise Mensch A bit of a babe, with young children and a successful career, which is not the first one she has had, Louise Mensch seems more than a little inspiring.

Julia Langdon: A woman MP making all-too-familiar sacrifices The Independent …Her decision, announced yesterday, to leave the House of Commons for family reasons will have caused considerable surprise to her colleagues because, as is evident, Ms Mensch likes a mensh, has accordingly made herself one of the most visible and articulate members of the 2010 intake of MPs, and has gratifyingly appeared to be on a fast track to promotion.

Louise Mensch’s next chapter The Guardian Novelist, media star, social-networking queen – Louise Mensch was no ordinary politician. But why has she suddenly quit parliament? And what will the MP do next?

Louise Mensch’s eventful two years in Parliament ITV News Louise Mensch has only been an MP since 2010, but in that time she’s taken a key role in the Leveson inquiry, set up a rival service to Twitter and was tipped to climb the Westminster ranks.

Louise Mensch and the politics of long-distance love (blog) Earlier today, Louise Mensch, MP for Corby, announced her resignation from Parliament with the statement, “I have decided, in order to keep [my family] together, to move to New York.”

Louise Mensch quits as Tory MP The Sun TORY Louise Mensch today gave David Cameron a major headache by quitting as an MP and forcing a by-election. The 41-year-old Corby MP has told the PM she is resigning because it was “impossible” to balance her family life with her life as an MP.

Vitriol aimed at Louise Mensch is jealousy masquerading as public conscience The Commentator 
Just a few hours have passed since Louise Mensch, Member of Parliament for Corby, announced that she would be resigning in an effort to spend more time with her family. The response, while broadly supportive, has also included some from across the ..

MP Louise Mensch resigns to put family first – sofeminine Sometimes, it’s just impossible to find the right balance – and that’s the reason Louise Mensch, Conservative MP for Corby and East Northamptonshire, has given for her resignation. Mensch has decided to quit her job as MP and move with her 

Reasons to be glad / sad that Louise Mensch is going | Liberal … By Guest Reasons to be glad Louise Mensch has gone: 1) She was a cheerleader for Cameron and Murdoch. While one expects support for the PM from any Tory to some degree, Mensch’s cheerleading was often in flagrant disregard of the facts and 

Profile: Louise Mensch, the rebel who decided family comes first Profile: Louise Mensch, the rebel who decided family comes first. In her two short years in Parliament, Louise Mensch has become one of the most high-profile MPs on the Conservative benches, known as much for her outspoken television appearances as

Louise Mensch: six defining moments The Guardian (blog) 

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