Gender and Politics in the media

US: Campaign for a female Pres debate moderator, Obama leads among women, younger voters in WI

Campaigns use similar tactics, different messages to reach women Daily Press Diane Stallings of Newport News has turned off her TV and radio this election cycle because she finds the ad blitzes by the candidates’ campaigns and independent groups “so aggravating.” “I don’t want to listen to the sound bites,” Stallings said.

Debate official on campaign for a female moderator: ‘It’s very hard to find someone who can do that’ Washington Post (blog) And now, a few words from some presidential debate principals, even as three savvy New Jersey girls clamor for a woman to moderate at least one Obama-Romney faceoff this fall. Being a highly paid, experienced journalist of either sex does not automatically confer the skills needed to pull the best answers from candidates who insist on reciting campaign blather whatever the question, and won’t think twice about accusing a zealous inquisitor of committing lamestream-how-dare-you-ask-about (fill in the blank) journalism. The moderator should also be the least ego-driven person on stage.

Sarah Palin: Senate kingmaker Politico Sarah Palin, Senate kingmaker, is at it again.Riding a four-endorsement winning streak in Republican Senate primaries this year, the former Alaska governor swept into a blueberry patch outside Kansas City this weekend looking to apply her Midas touch to the latest fortunate recipient. This time it’s Sarah Steelman, a former state treasurer running in a fractured Missouri Tuesday primary to decide who gets to take on vulnerable Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill in November.

Obama leads among women, younger voters in Wisconsin Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (blog) President Barack Obama’s lead over Mitt Romney in Wisconsin rests heavily on his strength with women, with young people and with unmarried voters, according to a Journal Sentinel analysis of seven months of polling this year by Marquette Law School.

Lori Sturdevant: Women win office as much as men (but they run less) Minneapolis Star Tribune This year marks the 40th anniversary of what future state historians will mark as a breakthrough year for women in politics. Six women were elected to the Minnesota House in 1972.

Women voters key in swing state push Women voters key in swing state push video Online

A Democrat’s View: Why Women Should Vote For Obama NPR Women will be a key voting group in this tight presidential election. This weekend, the Obama campaign is hosting two summits for women voters in Florida. Guest host Linda Wertheimer speaks with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman for the Democratic National Committee and Congresswoman for Florida’s 20th District, about the issues at hand.

Hillary Clinton in Malawi Politico Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton offered praise and pledged continued American support to the impoverished southern African nation of Malawi on Sunday, making a brief a stop here to visit with the country’s first woman president, only the second female African head of state. A longtime champion for women’s empowerment, Clinton met Malawian President Joyce Banda in the capital of Lilongwe and encouraged her to stay on a course of economic reform to make the country more attractive to foreign investment.

Speaker: Women’s voices count in politics Jackson Sun Brownsville Mayor Jo Matherne encouraged women to be a voice and let government officials know their personal stance on political issues Saturday morning at the Women’s Political Empowerment Workshop in Jackson. Matherne encouraged women to address issues such as workforce development and education within their communities.

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