Gender and Politics in the media

Three Arab Revolutions: Will Democracy Root, Will Women Thrive?

Saudi Arabia’s Rosa Parks helps women speak up Since the 1990s, Saudi women have been demanding the right to drive cars, travel alone, and abolish the male guardianship system. The struggle was limited to certain women from less conservative communities.

Three Arab Revolutions: Will Democracy Root, Will Women Thrive? Huffington Post (blog) The women’s rights landscape is further complicated by women who criticize activists as being anti-Islamic and secular — even as they pursue emancipation. Yet, there is hope in the fact that 625 women contested in the Libyan election on July 7.

Minister Cassell Tips Women for 2014 Legislative Election Gender and Development Minister, Julia Duncan Cassell has called on Liberian women to be more proactive and ready for the 2014 midterm legislative election.

Election of 65 women into Senegal’s 150-member parliament excites Clinton Afrique en Ligue Dakar, Senegal – On the first of her two-day visit to Senegal, US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton Wednesday hailed the increasing role of women in the country’s politics, especially the election of 65 women into its 150-member National…

Record Number of Women Elected to Senegal Parliament Atlanta Black Star Senegal’s National Assembly holds 150 seats, meaning that 42.6 percent of the seats are held by women.

Call for ‘Gender-Responsive’ Budgeting “An array of measures, introduced since 1994 to promote women empowerment and uphold gender equality, have drastically improved the position and conditions of women in our country…”

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