Gender and Politics in the media

Hey Mitt, Stop Outsourcing Your Feminine Side

Obama, Romney Woo Women Voters “Mr. Romney’s single biggest problem, electorally, is women voters,” says Peter Brown of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute The poll bears that statement out. In Florida, Romney trails President Obama with female voters by 7 points.

Bus tour to rally conservative women hits NC on Monday News & Observer A conservative women’s group will role into Raleigh on Monday as part of a national tour to register more voters for the November election. The “She Votes 2012” bus tour is making 24 stops in the battleground states of North Carolina and Virginia…

Why are women struggling to get and stay elected? Politico

Obamacare Turns Into The Campaign Issue That Didn’t Bark Huffington Post The Obama campaign, for example, is targeting young female voters and minorities with information about the law’s specific features; Republican PACs are carpet-bombing Democratic incumbents with health care attacks in red states such as North Dakota.

Hey Mitt, Stop Outsourcing Your Feminine Side Slate Magazine (blog) Full disclosure: I will vote for Mitt Romney.  Unfortunately, Mitt has a problem—he doesn’t poll well with women (Obama beats him by 51 to 39 percent according to a Quinnipiac University poll) and many people view him as stiff, plastic, and unlikeable.

Obama Pushes Record On Women’s Issues Kaiser Health News President Obama touted his record on women’s issues and stressed the women in his personal story as he addressed a major gathering of women bloggers on Thursday.

Barack Obama At BlogHer 2012 Conference: ‘The Choice Women Face This … Huffington Post  Grinning at the cheers from a crowd he could hear but not see during his 15-minute live video address, Obama said “the choice women face right now in this election could not be bigger.

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