Gender and Politics in the media

Olympics: London Games one for the ladies vs. Unequal Olympics, Sex testing and the Olympics

Olympics Women Are Winning All Kinds of Notice Women’s eNews During the first week of the 2012 Olympics in London, female contestants have hit the headlines in a variety of ways. Here’s a roundup of the news clips to date, both glory-filled and not-so-much.

Three Cheers, and One Hijab, for a Female Saudi Olympian
Bloomberg At the same time as Islamist extremists in the African nation of Mali were stoning a couple to death for having sex (and children) outside marriage, a young Saudi Arabian woman found herself the object of a dispute over whether she could compete at the Olympic Games wearing a headscarf. The two are connected; we’ll get to that.

Unequal Olympics: An Open Letter to Jacques Rogge Huffington Post UK (blog) Dear Jacques Rogge & the International Olympic Committee; The IOC should enforce the Olympic Charter & prohibit discrimination. Rightly and commendably, the Olympic Charter forbids discrimination in sport.

Sex testing and the Olympics: myths, rumours and confirmation bias The Guardian (blog) What we believe about ‘gender fraud’ at the Olympics may be more to do with prejudice than fact…

Savir’s Corner: Gender equality Jerusalem Post It is doubtful that the fathers of the modern Olympic Games at the end of the 19th century, such as Baron Pierre de Coubertin, would have predicted that the opening event of the Olympic Games in London 2012 would be a women’s soccer game between Great Britain and New Zealand, and that Arabia would be represented by two Saudi Arabian female athletes, competing in Judo and Athletics.

Using Cricket to Talk About Gender Equality Huffington Post When we met, Zaheer was a lanky young man with a mischievous smile who regularly skipped school. He cursed nonstop. He loved “eve teasing” a term used in India to describe the common and generally accepted practice of sexually harassing girls and women in the street. The oldest of three, he admittedly wasn’t very responsible at home. “Abusing others was the way of life for me,” he told me a few months ago when he visited my office in Mumbai. But that’s not the case anymore. “Now when I look back, I realize the difference (in my life),” Zaheer said, “and I think that’s what is my turning point.” Zaheer, 21, credits his turnaround to a program that married the sport of cricket with lessons on gender equality.

Olympic gender equality milestone with Saudi, Brunei, Qatar women Europe Online Magazine Olympic gender equality reaches a milestone on Friday when judoka Wodjan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani becomes the first woman from Saudi Arabia to compete at the Games and women from Brunei and Qatar are in action as well on the day.

Will female-athlete worship outlast the Olympics? BabyCenter (blog) My daughters love looking at my “gender card,” proof that I’m female, from when I competed in the 1998 Winter Olympics. I earned this card by letting someone stick a long Q-tip in my mouth and swab my cheek. Having been an avid tomboy, whose bulgy biceps still sometimes draw attention today, I was mildly anxious while I awaited the results.

The herstory of the Olympics New Zealand Herald Although there’s still progress to be made, the 2012 Olympics is proving a game changer when it comes to gender equality. Every participating country has female representatives, women make up a record 45 per cent of the athletes, and nations that previously baulked at the idea have sent female competitors. What a shipfight it’s been, though.

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