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Olympics: Uncomfortable questions about the treatment of women’s sport, Britain embraces women’s Olympic football team

Men notch up an Olympic win at sex equality Games Yahoo! Sports The quest for sex equality at the London Olympics is going where no Games has gone before with men taking up some of the previously women-only roles as flower and medal bearers at the victory ceremonies.

The Olympics is a symbolic victory for Saudi Arabian women, but let’s not get carried away New Statesman (blog) There are more events for women, more medals on offer and the best female representation of women we have ever seen. The Olympics will shine a spotlight on female athleticism this summer – celebrating women’s achievements and inspiring women to get…

Britain embraces women’s Olympic football team Yahoo! Sports For the women’s team, though, the focus has mainly been on their performances on the pitch. It’s the first time ever that a women’s Team GB competes in football, and the rivalries between the normal national teams are not nearly as strong.

Women athletes aim to keep the spotlight post-Games Reuters Hailed as the Women’s Games, the London Olympics have set new records for female participation but athletes fear that once the event comes to an end so will the interest in ladies sport yet again.

Saudi woman allowed to compete in hijab Chicago Tribune Wojdan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shaherkani is one of only two Saudi women to travel to London after the International Olympic Committee (IOC) lobbied the conservative Islamic kingdom to end its refusal to send women to the Games.

Saudi judoka may wear form of headscarf Seattle Post Intelligencer Saudi Arabia sent its two first female Olympians to the London Games on condition they adhere to the kingdom’s conservative Islamic traditions, including wearing a headscarf.

Victory for women athletes in London and heartbreak of one For the first time ever in the history of the Olympics, each of the 205 nations participating in the 2012 Summer Games have at least one woman athlete in its team. This sea of change for gender equality in sports was made possible after the

Boris Johnson Olympics: ‘There are semi-naked women playing beach volleyball … Daily Mail Forget the cycling road race, the swimming and the diving, it seems the Olympic event on everyone’s lips is women’s beach volleyball – but just what is the appeal? Leave it to the Games’ number one cheerleader, Boris Johnson, to sum it up. In a newspaper column published today, the London Mayor drools over ‘semi-naked’ female beach volleyball players ‘glistening like otters’ in the rain.

Do bikinis undermine women’s beach volleyball? BBC News The Olympic women’s beach volleyball tournament at Horseguard’s Parade has been attracting a great deal of attention – much of it directed at competitor’s bikinis, rather than their athletic ability. Male interest in the sport is high – Prince Harry and Norman Lamont have tickets while David Cameron and Tony Blair have hinted they wish they had some too.

Women in Sports: Not an Olympic Size Victory The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A. …Honestly, what’s funny to me is how we’re celebrating this first as though it’s a gigantic accomplishment in world history. I’m sorry people, but it’s not. In my opinion, we need to stop getting so excited about these firsts or these symbolic accomplishments. One or two women competing on behalf of such oppressive countries should not make us so ecstatic. Most countries in the world still are grossly violating women’s rights.

Espresso: Gender equality in sports could shatter that barrier Sun.Star Quite of significance is gender equality being totally promoted and elevated as a standard in the Olympics since it was for a long time that the Games was exclusive only for men. The reason is rather simple; there was no event for women.

2012 games have been called ‘Year of the Woman’ but obstacles to equality … WBEZ (blog) The 2012 Olympics mark an incredible moment for women: For the first time ever, Team USA is taking more female athletes than men and every country participating in the Olympics has female representation. Women make up 40 percent of the competing…

Gender Testing

Is sex testing in the Olympics a fool’s errand? Los Angeles Times Tests attempting to distinguish men from women for Olympic competition are almost as old as the modern Olympics. But as I write in an article in today’s Los Angeles Times, the science behind these tests is anything but clear-cut.

Anger Over New Olympics Gender Testing Rules EDGE Boston An LGBT rights group and some observers of the international sports scene are outraged by the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) new controversial gender testing regulations.

Caught in the middle ESPN A failed gender test crushed Santhi Soundarajan’s Olympic dreams

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