Gender and Politics in the media

‘Children should know about women’s issues’, Mom Still Does Lion’s Share of Bringing up Kids, The Power of Stereotypes

Minister to present gender equality report to UN New Zealand Herald A report card on how well New Zealand women are doing according to international benchmarks will be delivered to the United Nations convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination.

‘Children should know about women’s issues’ Deccan Herald The meeting highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the women oriented laws such as Protection of Women Against Domestic Violence Act, Pre-conception and Pre-natal Diagnostic Techniques Act and Prohibition of Child Marriage Act 2006 Act.

Mom Still Does Lion’s Share of Bringing up Kids Counsel & Heal There are periodic movements in liberation and gender equality issues. Though they generate new ideas on handling conflicts, there has been little shift on the ground, reveals a new study published in Gender & Society.

The Power of Stereotypes Science Careers Blog (blog) Explanations of women’s relatively low representation continue to proliferate, and now Shankar Vedantam reports, at National Public Radio, on a intriguing new one: unconscious stereotypes.

Women call for more political representation as December polls approaches Ghana Broadcasting Corporation The under representation of women in the decision-making process has been called to question as the December polls approach. Currently, women’s representation in Parliament is less than 10 percent.

Gender equality begins at home Citizen Matters (blog) Fifty percent of us are women. And there is a Women’s Day, yes. Yet, there are scores of stories about the struggles, achievements, journeys, and worries of women in our cities. We cannot cram all these into a paper just on Women’s Day.

CM announces 50% quota for women in urban bodies Times of India The new policy for the 103 ULBs in Odisha, including corporations, municipalities, and notified area councils, comes after a similar reservation for women in the panchayat elections in February.

Odisha hikes women’s quota in ULBs to 50% Daily Pioneer With elections to the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) only six months away, the State Government on Friday in principle decided to raise the representation of women in Local Self Governments by 17 per cent…

“Women Leaders for the World,” MarketWatch (press release) SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jul 13, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Numerous studies and polls this year have put a spotlight on the worst countries for being born a woman.

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