End gender inequality in Scottish boardrooms, Women See Housework as Gender Inequality, Why women have no opinions

Jansing And Co: Courting the woman vote – Bing Videos June 13: More women voters are supporting President Barack Obama while Mitt Romney wins 

Brown reaches out to women voters with TV ads … necn.com Massachusetts senator Scott Brown is backing to measures supportive of women this week and 

For Romney and social conservatives, an uneasy embrace CBS News The socially-conservative men and women who are gathering in Washington, D.C. for the annual Faith & Freedom Conference Thursday…

Chris Matthews: Why don’t tough guys like Obama … Dems to Obama: Voters don’t believe economy talk  Noting that President Obama struggled ..

Romney, Obama: When Wooing Women Voters, Check Marital … NPR (blog) But as a group they are reliably influential voters, more risk averse than men, and — pollsters tell us — generally more likely than the opposite sex to vote for…

The Obama Campaign Has Its Sights Set on YOU The Stir Add to this the fact that in polls, a majority of women consistently prefer Obama to Romney and that 59% of Obama’s campaign donors are women…

Michelle Obama aims for female voters with Pinterest debut Globe and Mail (blog) With social media set to play an important part in the U.S. election, Michelle Obama has taken to Pinterest to connect with voters.

Clinton encourages women to shape their countries GlobalPost (blog) “The 50 delegates are among the best and brightest rising political talents from countries in which women’s voices are desperately needed in seats of power,” …

For women in Congress, it’s lonely at the top Minneapolis Star Tribune What I did not know, though, is that incumbency doesn’t protect women in quite the same way it does men, according to “Women & Congressional Elections”…

Fewer women candidates for US House on ballot in Minnesota this … MinnPost.com In 2010, five women candidates for U.S. House from the major parties were on the November ballot in Minnesota, but this year the number will be down…

Women begin to close gender gap in some judicial appointments The Lawyer Women are being selected for some key judicial roles in greater proportions than men.

Meet Florence: The 95-Year-Old Wisconsin Woman Who Can’t Get A … ThinkProgress MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — Last year, nearly a dozen new states passed voter ID laws. These laws may have prevented the nine cases of voter impersonation…

Women Voters Will Decide Whether 2012 is a “Year of the Woman … Forbes It’s also because women voters may swing the elections their way. This crucial voting block is fed up with the white men it sees in Congress and may turn its 

Women voters angry with men, Republicans Washington Examiner Moderate women voters who are undecided on their choice for president are angry at the male-dominated Congress and the GOP social conservative agenda, 

Women have come a long way, maybe? Portland Tribune Suzanne Bonamici became the sixth woman ever elected to represent Oregon in Congress in January, on the centennial of women’s suffrage here.

Tester pays male staff more than female aides Washington Examiner Jon Tester decries the so-called “Republican War on Women,” but new data show he’s a part of it himself. According to a recent report in the Washington Free 

Helping women find their political voices Town Crier Newspapers With 15 female members, Toronto city council has more women in the chamber than ever before — but the number in leadership positions has actually shrunk 

Why women have no opinions The Guardian Nearly a hundred years since women won the right to vote, their political and societal power is still only a fifth of what it should be – if the most influential space in…

The Lessons of the British Womens Fight for the Vote Daily Beast The often violent struggle of women for their rights is overlooked today, but Frances Osborne writes that the suffragists and suffragettes in early 20th-century ..

Call to end gender inequality in boardrooms across Scotland Scotsman THE Scottish Government today faced demands to end the boardroom culture of “inequality” which is freezing women out of top posts across the country.

New Zealand
Gender Equality: NZ PM John Key backs goal of having women … eGov monitor The New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and his Women’s Affairs Minister Jo Goodhew launched the 25 Percent Group earlier this week…

Many Women See Housework as Gender Inequality PsychCentral.com A new study discovers that when women are responsible for a majority of the household chores, they often perceive socioeconomic and gender inequality in the…

Psychological distress associated with division of domestic work EurekAlert (press release)  psychological distress, and new research shows that this correlation is further increased by perceived socioeconomic and gender inequality in the relationship 

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