US: Polling, controversies, and voting men and intersectionality

Video link Men, suburban voters support Romney

Dem Congresswoman: GOP Congresswomen Are “Battered Women” RealClearPolitics (with Audio) Democratic Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-Wisconsin) on Ed Schultz’s radio program: ‘And so they are as battered, they are literally battered women in that caucus. Time and again, they’ve been forced to vote against the interests of women and the consequences for not voting with the Republican Party are great…’

Doctored pic of conservative commentator SE Cupp performing oral sex sparks outrage Daily News & Analysis A photoshopped photo in the recent issue of Hustler magazine depicting conservative commentator SE Cupp performing oral sex has sparked outrage among women on the ABC show The View. Whoopi Goldberg, one of the co-hosts of the daytime talk show, said that Cupp, who writes for the New York Daily News, is a “friend of The View, and that the picture in Hustler “is really going to piss a lot of you women off.


Former Republican Congresswoman Blasts Modern GOP, Laments Party’s Approach To Women’s Issues ThinkProgress Over her eight terms as a Congresswoman from Maryland’s Eight District, Connie Morella earned a reputation one of the strongest voices for women’s rights and reproductive choice in the Republican Party.

New poll shows rich, white men make up Romney’s base in Ohio Plunderbund …According to the poll, Romney’s base in Ohio are rich, white, tea party and evangelical men in Central Ohio who are only moderately excited to vote.

10 Reasons Obama Would Choose Hillary as VP Huffington Post (blog) The carefully choreographed “War on Women” that hovered over the GOP primary season can be brought back in full force. In April, Obama held a 49 percent share among women, with Romney at 43 percent.

Intersectionality and voting

What Does D’Angelo Have to Do With Voting Rights? Hint: Check His ID ColorLines magazine …First, notice that D’Angelo’s lack of a license or passport didn’t prevent him from boarding the plane. It was only a “challenge,” wrote Amy Wallace. Here’s why this small detail was so interesting to me: Voting rights opponents often argue that you need a photo ID to board a plane, so likewise you should to vote. But as I’ve mentioned before in this blog, and as D’Angelo’s handlers likely realized, you don’t actually need ID to board planes.

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